Curvy Slimming Orange Juice Review

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What You Should Know

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Curvy Slimming Orange Juice is a fat burning juice supplement with very little information and no official website. We found multiple listings on vaguely professional vitamin websites and auction websites for this supplement, but none published a complete, clear ingredient list. We managed to collect ingredients for a few websites, but we doubt this is the complete ingredient list for Curvy Slimming Orange Juice.

Curvy Slimming Orange Juice does not offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee. We did not find any testimonials with or without before and after photos. This supplement may be a simple fiber supplement sold as a weight loss product.

List of Ingredients


  • Mexico Orange Fiber
  • Konjak Fiber
  • Soy Bean Fiber
  • Water-Soluble Pearl Powder
  • Lotus Leaf Element
  • Quercetin

Product Features

Mexico is one of the leading producers of oranges in the world, so the fact that this supplement includes fiber from the Mexican orange doesn’t mean much. Many oranges sold in the United States are imported from Mexico. However, when we researched Mexico Orange Fiber as an ingredient, many of the results were for Curvy Slimming Orange Juice and comparable orange juice slimming products. We believe this ingredient is nothing more than fiber with a fancy name used in a select few supplements.

Konjak fiber is commonly added to weight loss supplements as an appetite suppressant and mild laxative. Laxatives have no place in weight loss supplementation as they only cause temporary weight loss by forcing waste out of the body faster. When laxatives are taken long-term, they can inhibit the absorption of vitamins and nutrients from food. Soy bean fiber rounds out the fiber content in Curvy Slimming Orange Juice.

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  • We were able to find ingredients by accessing multiple websites.
  • Contains multiple forms of fiber – good for colon health.


  • Fiber has a laxative effect and should not be taken in supplement form with prescription medications.
  • No ingredients in Curvy Slimming Orange Juice promote weight loss.


Curvy Slimming Orange Juice appears to be nothing more than a fiber supplement in orange juice form. Though some dieters take fiber daily to promote colon health and regularity, there are strict rules to follow when taking daily fiber, including not taking fiber with prescription medications. There are no detailed instructions on how to use this supplement, no reviews, no free trials and no money-back guarantees. The dieter might as well try an over-the-counter fiber supplement.

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    what is the side effect of curvy slimming orange juice our body?