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CutandJacked is a website offering tips and advice on weight loss, fitness and bodybuilding. The site looks more like a trumped up blog than anything else. There are informational articles on weight training, nutrition and bodybuilding. The articles include interviews with various people in the fitness world. There is a list of writer on the website, but none have bios so we have no idea if they are just in great shape or if they are even the people pictured in the photos.

CutandJacked is gaining popularity on social networks, but there are no dedicated supplements owned by the company. Instead, they market supplements on, no doubt as part of the affiliate program. There are other affiliates listed on the website.

List of Ingredients

Information on fitness, weight loss and nutrition.

Product Features

Information is the number one tool a dieter can use to lose weight. If they understand how the body works, what foods are good for losing fat and what moves are best in the gym to increase metabolism, they have all the information they need to achieve their goals. CutandJacked is clearly not dedicated to the average dieter, but that doesn’t mean the average dieter cannot learn a thing or two from the website.

We found much of the information on the front page to be interview-based. The company seems to have an inside connection with fitness professionals and bodybuilders. Under the “For Women” section, we find more interviews and a few free workouts thrown in for good measure. Under the “Nutrition” section, we found lots of recipes and a few articles with affiliate links to supplements on

Overall, the CutandJacked website offers little real information and a lot of interview material. We would love to see a section on diets and real weight loss, not bodybuilding and fitness, but that may not be the heart of CutandJacked.

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  • Lots of interviews with fitness professionals
  • Ideal for bodybuilders or avid fitness gurus.
  • Easy to read articles.
  • The website is easy to navigate.


  • Nothing more than a huge blog.
  • Lots of affiliate links.
  • Not ideal for the average dieter.
  • Not a lot of useful information on dieting.


If you wanted to make money from a multi-billion business like the bodybuilding industry, how would you do that with little start-up money? All you need to do is create a website like CutandJacked and start adding affiliate links. If you gain enough followers, you can earn quite a bit of money from supplement referrals. That seems to be the main goal of CutandJacked.

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