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Cybergenics (Advanced Nutrition Systems) is a “sports nutrition” company that specializes in weight loss and bodybuilding supplements. It appears to have been founded by one Paul Becker of Oregon. In regards to bodybuilding, they offer products like the “60 Day Total Body Building System” for $139.95 and the “Phase 1 Six Week BodySculpting Program” for $109.95. As far as weight reduction goes, Cybergenics offers the “Cybertrim Six Week Mega Weight Loss Program” for $119.95 and the “Quick Trim 14 Day Weight Loss System” for $59.95. In addition to these products, Cybergenics provides users with a “free weekly fitness tips newsletter.”

The Quick Trim 14 Day Weight Loss System by Cybergenics consists of a manual that assists with diet and exercise, along with “advanced supplementation.” This product aims to help users lose body fat quickly over a two-week period. The Cybertrim Six Week Mega Weight Loss Program, on the other hand, incorporates a combination of four supplements, a diet and exercise manual, an audio tape, as well as calipers and charts to keep track of body fat. There do not appear to be any customer testimonials posted on the official website. Unfortunately, no free trial samples of Cybergenics supplements are available through the website at this time. Cybergenics weight loss and bodybuilding products do not appear to come with any money-back or satisfaction guarantees.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Cybergenics is a brand name that offers bodybuilding and weight loss products to men and women. Their four products are the 60 Day Total Body Building System, Phase 1 Six Week BodySculpting Program, Cybertrim Six Week Mega Weight Loss Program and the Quick Trim 14 Day Weight Loss System. These products and supplements aim to assist users with weight loss, muscle building, fat reduction, increased metabolic rates and boosted energy levels. There is no actual clinical evidence presented on the official Cybergenics website to support these products. All Cybergenics products can be acquired online through the website.

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  • Cybergenics products can be purchased easily and conveniently via the official website.
  • Cybergenics weight loss products encourage a “healthy” diet plan and regular exercise.
  • Cybergenics products are suitable for both women and men.


  • There are no customer testimonials posted on the official Cybergenics website.
  • No free trial samples of Cybergenics supplements are available through the website.
  • There is no actual clinical data offered on the official website to support the claimed effectiveness of Cybergenics products.
  • Cybergenics products do not come with a 100% money-back/satisfaction guarantee.
  • No full product ingredient lists are posted on the official website.
  • The Cybergenics website is quite basic and appears to lack substantial information.
  • Cybergenics is clearly intended for professional weight lifters and body builders, not for those looking to simply lose a few pounds.


Overall, the Cybergenics product line doesn’t really stand out much in the massive market of weight loss supplements, pills and programs. On the bright side, Cybergenics does appear to encourage eating healthy and exercising. However, there is too much information left off of their official website. It would be nice to see some real clinical proof, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, full supplement ingredient lists, a few free trial samples of Cybergenics supplements, as well as some customer testimonials offered to support Cybergenics products.

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29 User Reviews about Cybergenics

  • 1
    alexander toro

    vivo en colombia quiero comprar cybergenics fase total de seis semanas de cybergenics donde puedo hacerlo


  • 2
    Lynette Robinson

    I used the 14 day diet plan exactly 21 years ago. I bought it from Gnu. This works.


  • 3

    Please advise where I can purchase sis week phase 1 body sculpting


  • 4

    Where can one purchase the “Original” Cybertrim of yester year?


  • 5
    Sharon K

    I used cybergenics over 15 years ago when it was sold through GNC. My body responds quicky to a high protein diet and i did everything as i was instructed and lost 14lbs in 14 days as they were claiming back then. I can tell you it does work. I ate a lot of chicken and drank a gallon of water a day, by the end of the program it felt as if the chicken was multiplying in my mouth, it was getting very difficult to swallow. But i did it and i reached my goal. Here I am years later looking for similar or same program because i know it works.



    hi, can you tell me if you know where can i found those pills?cause i was in that program like you over 15 years ago, and it worked for me!!


    alexander toro

    deseo comprar cybergenics fase total en colombia como puedo hacerlo


  • 6

    How can I order phase 1 cybergenics


  • 7

    I used the Cybergenics 60 day program in 1987 and 1991. I was drug tested at work regularly as required and never had any issues ! The program was by far the best I have aver used ! I am on the “site” today because I want to do it again! I am surprised at the drug test failure comments ?


  • 8

    I used the Phase I system in the early 90′s and it worked great! I was in the best shape of my life. It was hard to keep my shirt on. Im now 41 and want to do the 60 day program but was wondering, is the product the same as it was back then??? Steroid or no steroid, I want the old stuff!!!


  • 9
    cam fowler

    good to find cybergenics online i used the total body system there nothin i used before or after that compares to the results i just ordered it now online can t wait to use it with the p90x training program and diet.


  • 10

    I tried the 14 Day Quick Trim Diet 15 years ago and it worked. I went down from 245 lbs. to 205 lbs. I followed the instructions diligently. I also lifted weights and rode the stationary cycle. After two weeks I was looking real good and felt great not to mention the boost it gave to my self esteem. I have gained a few pounds throughout the years but if I did it once I can do it again.


  • 11
    Scott A

    I used cybergenics Phase 1 in 1993 and by far I was in the best shape of my life. I went from weighing 135 with hardly any muscle to 165 and was ripped. I ate what ever I wanted and worked hard at the gym and did all this in less than 3 months. I highly recommend it and I tell people about it all the time. I didn’t know about the steroid thing either but did have people ask me if I was taking them.


  • 12
    Jacob M

    I also used Cybergenics Cybertrim in 1995, went from 225-155 eating healty running everyday 3 miles and had an active lifestyle. I always wondered what happened to this product? I thought it was recalled or made people have diseases? But it sure did work, didnt know about the steroid thing!


  • 13

    I work for a company that gives random drug test. I read where it said that it contains amphetamine s is that true. If not where can it be purchased? What kind of affect does it have with someone on blood pressure medication ablieds waiting



    What kind of affect does it have with someone on blood pressure medication / antenalol


  • 14

    i used the body furnace back in 2002-2003 and lost a ton of weight -from 262 to 190. can anyone help me find it again???



    I used it around that same time and lost about 30 lbs. It was called body furnance. AM/PM formula. I still have two bottles left but can’t find a new supply.


  • 15
    Kathy Redditt

    In 1998 I lost 60Lbs with it and was in the best shape ever it’s the best program that I have found.I plan on using it again next month.


  • 16
    tiffany smith

    I am living proof that these pills do work! My sister and myself took them years ago n went from sizes in the 20′s to 7/8 and 9/10. we have been searching for them but couldn’t find them at GNC but am so grateful for the internet. the best money we ever spent.





  • 17

    Cybergenics 6 week program is the best weight loss program I’ve ever used. I’ve used it twice. Once in 1997 and again in 2009; both times to loose weight, 45 lb & 43 lb weight loss respectively. It worked well and helped me meet my weight loss goals, especially after I had platued at a body weight I could not seemingly get down past. This system really works. I’m glad they still sell it. I originally found it in Muscule & Fitness. Because it worked so well in 1997, I bought a 2nd box, and held onto it. Then last year, I used that 2nd box. It was 12 yrs old, but it still worked just as good as before. Simply Amazing. I hope the current stuff is as good as the original stuff.


  • 18

    I used the 14 day quick trim years ago and had awesome results. I lost 17 pounds in 8 days and then found out I was pregnant. I stopped taking them but continued to lose weight all through my pregnancy. I ate whatever I wanted. By the time I had my daughter I had only gained what she was which was 6 pounds. I had 2 children previously and was at my pre pregnancy weight before all kids. Great Product. Strict but stick with it and you will be pleased.


  • 19

    I used the 14 day plan after my son was born 15 years ago. It worked great! I lost 17 lbs in 2 weeks. The plan was easy to follow. I felt very healthy and energetic. This is a great product!


  • 20

    I used the training program back in 1991-2 while I was in Korea and did not take any vitamins due to the fact my buddy had bought it and use them. It was the best”the best shape” I have ever been in period :60 day primer: blue book; It works but it is hard.. the pay off is being like a cover of a Muscule and Fitness magazine. Paul Becker still sells it on the web but, I dont know if it is still the same program or suppliments. Anything hard in life is worth the payoff..


  • 21

    They stopped selling the Total Body Building System awhile back ago because it was found to have Steroids in it. This was years and years back though, and even after the mess was cleared, I don’t think any stores wanted to bring that back, especially with new body building systems that came out around the same time like MetRX, etc.



    Interesting. I had suspected that to be the case. When I used it, I looked and felt great. Not only that, I was squating and deadlifting over 300 lbs for reps, and I felt like I could bend steel with my bare hands, and I weighed only around 165 lbs.

    Too bad though. This stuff worked well enough that the benefit outweighed the cost. And suddenly….it was off the market.


  • 22
    Edwin Roberts

    I was just wondering how come you can no longer buy cybergenics in the United States. I first used it in 1986 and the last time I was able to buy some was in 1995. I love this product and often tell everyone how great it is. Most people never heard of this product, which I find hard to believe.


  • 23

    i am taking cybergenics quick trim 14 day quick weight loss system and i have some legal things to take care of with the county where i live and the drug tests come back as testing positive for amphetamine i cant understand why they don’t list the ingredients online?