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In the broad market of weight loss supplements, diet pills, fat burning tablets, appetite suppressants, and calorie burning capsules, there is a lot to review before purchasing anything. Naturally this means a keen eye and a great attention span are helpful. The key is to pinpoint the right supplement or program that truly fits your weight loss needs. Just take a look at Cybertrim. This is an approach to weight loss that was developed by Cybergenics. The official website for this system appears rather unprofessional, and lacks real information. This site explains how most other weight loss pills and plans fail, because the only pounds lost are generally water weight, muscle tissue, and “gastrointestinal bulk.”

The Cybertrim system is stated to be a “scientific approach to weight loss.” It is specifically supposed to target and shed excess body fat. Cybertrim is a six-week weight loss system that was apparently developed by a “world renowned Cybergenics research team.” The official website claims that this fat reduction program offers something called “macronutrient modulation and lipoelimination methodologies.” It’s also stated that 1000+ man hours were put into the development of the Cybertrim system. There is a single before and after photo set provided on the website for support.

Product Features

Cybertrim is a weight loss/fat reduction system that may assist some women and men with shedding excess pounds of unwanted body fat. It takes six weeks to complete and results may vary from person to person. When you purchase the Cybertrim system for $119.95, you get a Cybertrim cassette tape, skin fold calipers, a Cybergenics manual to effective fat-loss, the Cybertrim body composition progress chart, as well as 4 complete Cybertrim formulas. It’s unknown whether or not this weight reduction program sells with a money-back guarantee (doesn’t appear to). However, you can sign up for a “free newsletter” online through the site.

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  • The Cybertrim fat loss system can be attained online through the official website.
  • There are five different things you get when you acquire this program (Cybertrim cassette tape, skin fold calipers, a Cybergenics manual to effective fat-loss, the Cybertrim body composition progress chart, as well as 4 complete Cybertrim formulas).


  • The Cybertrim system sells for a whopping $119.95, but there is no refund option noted for this product.
  • There is only one before/after photo displayed on the official website.
  • The website comes across as unprofessional with misspelled words and very little information.
  • There is no background information provided on the Cybergenics Company.
  • There is nothing offered on the “4 Cybertrim formulas,” which are likely to be supplements.


After fully reviewing the Cybergenics website, it’s clear that this is one of the least professional websites I’ve seen selling a weight loss system. Naturally this makes some consumers leery of how good the products will be. Especially when the Cybertrim system sells for $119.95. You have to remember that there is no refund option presented on the website either. Therefore you may want to check into some other products before ordering this one.

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12 User Reviews about Cybertrim

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    I am cooncerned of the testerone this products brings, as a woman I already have hair growing under my chin could the amount of testerone will increase this condition. I am on the 2nd day since I begun to take Cybertrim HCG


  • 2

    Having mixed feelings about the drug. Has any one used it?? Side effects pls???



    I’ve used the cybertrim pro hcg drop with irvingia ($20 at walmart) for those who might get hussled for more than that with online prices. Anyways, the first 2 days on the drops it says eat whatever you want but take the drops before meals and keep drops under tongue for 10 – 15 minutes. Typically it says 6 drops but I just squeeze whatever amount that the dropper picked up and that goes under my tongue. Afterwards, by the 3rd day, you’ll gain 4 to 6lbs. This is the hcg storing the protein and fat that you’ll need. On the 3rd day, I take the drop before my meal. I use the nutri bullet diet plan with this hcg product instead of following their guide. While on the hcg drops WITHOUT working out and without being on nutri bullet, I lost 20lbs in about 2 1/2 weeks to 3. I started working out with this product along with the nutri bullet but I recommend the nutri bullet diet if you’re not so sure of the drops ( I eat twice a day with that and some sort of protein for dinner and a fruit).



    I responded to this the other day but I don’t see it anywhere so I am responding again. :) I too had success using Cybertrim Pro HCG Drops with Irvingia. I also bought them at Walmart. My co-worker bought the expensive kind with an online company. The diet plan that came with the Cybertrim was a little different than hers. We both lost the same amount of weight 22 lbs. So I don’t think there is an advantage to buying the more expensive ones. Almost a year later I have kept the 22 lbs off plus lost an additional 10 lbs just from drinking 99 or so ounces of water a day and eating normal portions. I suppose if I did the diet several times back to back I would have lost more but I am just glad to report that I’ve kept it off and lost additional weight since. I started using Cybertrim Pro HCG again 4 days ago and am down 3 lbs more.


  • 3

    Thank U. Is there a site to talk with other women who are on this diet?


  • 4
    j h

    1 ML is actually 1/4 tsp


  • 5

    Today I bought Pro Hcg the instruction says take 1 ml but on the dropper there is no line and it does not fullup all the way. So how many drop should I take?



    The dropper half full would is 1 ml. When I did the diet the first time last year I used an almost identical dropper we already had that had numbers on it and that is how I figured it out. The dropper only fills up 1/4 of the way so it would be 2 1/4 full drops under the tounge.


  • 6
    Cheryl Slover

    Hi,I recently bought your product PRO HCG. I noticed that at the bottom of the bottle there are flaky particles floating around. Is this normal? Thank You,Cheryl


  • 7



  • 8

    I recently bought ProHCG with Irvingia. The bottle has white stuff floating in the bottom. Is this normal or should I return the item?



    The first two bottles I purchased were clear nothing floating in the bottom. The 3rd bottle had the white stuff floating in the bottom. I asked a pharmist about it he suggested not to take. I also tried to contact manufacturer no success. If anyone has any info would like to know. The product really worked for me.