Cybex 360 A Arc Trainer Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Cybex 360A Arc Trainer is an elliptical home fitness machine from Cybex. The unit is smaller than commercial arc trainers so it fits in smaller spaces of the home. Variable pedal heights allow the user to create a personalized workout on three levels – cross country skiing, elliptical movement and stepper. The lowest setting allows the beginner to complete a calorie burning workout while the stepper setting is for increased intensity and calorie burn. The machine comes with 11 adjustable inclines and a stride length of 24 inches. Handlebars provide the opportunity to work upper body muscles with lower body muscles.

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Arc trainer by Cybex.

Product Features

Arc trainers are low-impact workout machines that work like a cross trainer, elliptical and stepper all-in-one. The advantage of an arc trainer over other machines is the ability to create a workout to your fitness level. Beginners start on the lowest setting while advanced users simple increase the incline to target new muscles and increase workout intensity. Despite the unit’s smaller size, it still measures 71 inches long and 29 inches wide. The user will need a large, open area to use the machine. There is also a 300-pound weight limit so heavier dieters will not be able to use the Cybex 360A Arc Trainer.

Present programs take the guesswork out of a workout. There are 10 presets in all and all inclines and resistance settings are controlled by the arc trainer. The unit requires an electrical outlet to power the screen and preset programs, so users must locate the machine in a position near an electricity source.

The low-impact nature of the machine allows dieters with painful joints and lower back pain to workout without fear of irritating muscles and joints. The wireless heart rate monitor allows the user to keep track of heart rate to increase or decrease intensity as needed.

The Cybex 360A Arc Trainer retails for $3,500 from Cybex. This price is far more expensive than comparable machines. The dieter could purchase a home stepper, elliptical and treadmill for less than the price of one Cybex.

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  • Preset workouts.
  • Wireless heart rate monitor.
  • Variable inclines and resistance.
  • Smaller than commercial arc trainers.
  • Available for purchase online.


  • May require assembly.
  • Too expensive for most dieters.
  • Maximum weight limit of 300 pounds.


The Cybex 360A Arc Trainer is a fine piece of exercise equipment, but the price is much more than most dieters are willing to pay. For the price of one machine, the dieter could join a local gym for more than 10 years and have access to all the equipment and classes they want to attend. No diet or supplement suggestions come with the Cybex.

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