Cybex 425 A Arc Trainer Review

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Cybex 425A Arc Trainer is an industrial arc trainer perfect for small gym settings like hotels and business workout facilities. This machine is not manufactured for use in the home though it is smaller than the Cybex 360A Arc Trainer advertised as a home unit. The machine comes with 10 preset workouts and 11 incline levels. The maximum weight of a user is 300 pounds, which limits the number of dieters who can workout on the Cybex. The official website offers a product specifications page and direct ordering. The Cybex 425A Arc Trainer works as a cross trainer, elliptical and stepper depending on the incline.

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Cybex Arc Trainer.

Product Features

Measuring 69 inches long and 29 inches wide, the Cybex 425A Arc Trainer is no small machine. Interestingly enough, the machine is smaller than the home version of the machine – Cybex 360A Arc Trainer. This commercial machine is created for repeated use so the price tag is higher than other Cybex models, though no prices are listed on the official website.

Stride length is important to the fitness enthusiast with longer than average legs. The total stride for the Cybex 425A Arc Trainer is 23 inches, smaller than the home model, which offers a 24-inch stride length. Aside from being built for commercial use, this machine does not offer the same support as the home model.

Arc trainers work upper and lower body muscles simultaneously. The same side technology moves arms on the same side as stride to make movements easier and more comfortable. Dieters can expect to burn more calories on an arc trainer than other fitness machines, but the intensity level is also higher. The no-impact design allows users with hip, joint and back injuries to workout without pain.

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  • No-impact workout.
  • Complete details available on the official website.
  • Three workout machines in one.
  • Variable incline and resistance.


  • The Cybex 425A Arc Trainer is expensive.
  • Created for commercial gym settings.
  • No price listed on the official website.
  • Maximum weight 300 pounds.
  • Maximum stride 23 inches.


The Cybex 425A Arc Trainer likely costs more than the 360A Arc Trainer home edition, which retails for $3,500. Making such a huge investment is reserved for businesses, which is the market this machine is aimed for. Despite the durability and functionality of the machine, the Cybex line of arc trainers is far more expensive than other workout equipment or gym memberships. Dieters do not have a specific diet to follow for weight loss making it harder for the dieter to lose weight while working out. The machine is no-impact so dieters with muscle and joint problems can easily workout pain-free.

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