Cybex 750 C Upright Bike Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Cybex 750C Upright Bike is designed with a commercial setting in mind, but it is ideal for home use, as well. The bike is self-powered so it can be used in any setting. The integrated generator uses pedal movement to power the screen and resistance. There are 9 preset programs and 21 levels of intensity. Cybex promotes the uniqueness of the bike because a beginner and Olympic athlete can both use the machine and achieve the optimal workout. There is no price listed on the official website, but Cybex workout machines tend to be more expensive than competitors. The machine measures 48 inches long and 23 inches wide. Maximum user weight is 400 pounds, higher than comparable bikes. The seat is adjustable and handlebars offer multiple hand positioning with two heart rate contact bars.

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Cybex Upright Bike.

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Bikes are a simple means of exercising in the home. Most higher end home models retail from $500 to $1,000, but Cybex tends to be more expensive so we expect the price to be higher. While the Cybex 750C Upright Bike is created for home and commercial settings, the investment may be more than most dieters are willing to make.

Variable resistance is powered with pedal movement so the user must pedal to power the machine. This is a great electricity-saving detail, but it could make it hard to regulate heart rate during the workout. If the dieter notices heart rate spiking higher than they would like, they must continue pedaling to keep the screen clocking workout time. This is a downside for beginners who may have trouble completing a workout on even the basic level.

The Cybex 750C Upright Bike is made from welded steel. The frame is created like a mountain bike so gym use is easy. Maintenance for the machine is minimal.

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  • No-impact workout for users up to 400 pounds.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Variable resistance from simple to extremely difficult.
  • Available for purchase directly from Cybex.


  • Weight limit reduces the number of dieters who can use the machine.
  • Likely more expensive than other home workout bikes.
  • No price listed on the official website.
  • Designed for a commercial setting.
  • Self-powered so the dieter must pedal at all times.


The Cybex 750C Upright Bike is a huge investment for the average dieter. The intensity level this bike can reach makes it more appropriate for the athlete in training as opposed to the average dieter trying to shed a few pounds. There is no diet plan or supplement suggestion with the Cybex 750C Upright Bike. Dieters must reduce calorie intake to maximum exercise payout and lose weight.

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