Cybex Eagle Premier Strength Line Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Cybex Eagle Strength Line includes various strength training machines created for a commercial gym setting. The machines come with turn knobs to increase and decrease weight. The weight stacks do not require a pin. Weight stacks are flush on the back of each machine so a multi-station set-up can be used to reduce total space needed for strength machines in a gym setting. The Cybex Eagle Premier Strength Line is not designed for home use.

List of Ingredients

Strength machines for leg press, leg extension, seated leg curl, prone leg curl, calves, hip abduction, hip adduction, glutes, chest press, incline press, overhead press, lat pull down, incline pull, rowing, arm extension, arm curl, fly and rear delt, lateral raise, abdominals, back extension and torso rotation.

Product Features

For dieters who have ever wondered where gyms get top of the line strength training machines, Cybex is one answer. The Cybex Eagle Premier Strength line is created for the gym and commercial setting with a high upfront investment capital. The official website allows gym owners to design their gym and download brochures for the Cybex Eagle Premier Strength line. In order to initiate the download, personal contact information must be entered.

The upfront price for the Cybex Eagle Premier Strength line is not revealed, but we expect the cost to run more than $30,000 for all machines available from Cybex. Cybex offers audio downloads and workouts created for use with the Cybex line of strength machines. There are 20 machines to choose from in the Eagle line alone.

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  • Strength training is important for bone health, sleep and weight loss.
  • The machines require no pins and adjust to the user.
  • More than 20 machines to choose from.
  • Back to back weight stacks allow machines to butt against each other in the gym.


  • Created for commercial and professional gyms.
  • Machines are very expensive.
  • No prices listed on the official website.
  • No home versions of the Cybex Eagle Premier Strength line are available.
  • Does not include cardiovascular equipment.


Cybex Eagle Premier Strength line is available for gym owners who want to carry Cybex branded strength equipment. The top-of-the-line equipment costs much more than home gym equipment, but the design is not for the home. Gym owners can design their own setup and fit machines into the gym as needed or desired on the official website. Unfortunately, this equipment will not work the heart and does not ensure cardiovascular exercise with use. Cybex does offer a line of home gyms, but these are priced higher than other comparable products as well. Some of the machines will have a weight limit, reducing the number of dieters who can utilize the strength machines.

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