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Unfortunately, bodybuilding is a sport that requires caffeine and other stimulants to promote energy and fat loss. Many bodybuilding supplements include massive amounts of caffeine, thus the bodybuilder has trouble falling asleep at night. Sleep is the time when muscles recover and new muscle is formed. If the bodybuilder is unable to fall into deep sleep, fatigue may result; requiring more caffeine to workout, leading to more sleep problems. The cycle of sleeplessness needs to stop before it starts and that is where Cyclo Rem comes into the picture.

Cyclo Rem contains no ingredients dedicated to bodybuilders alone. This supplement may work to improve sleep patterns for dieters, as well as bodybuilders.

List of Ingredients

PharmaGaba, Inositol, 5 HTP and Goji Extract.

Product Features

PharmaGaba is also known as gamma amino butyric acid. This ingredient inhibits neurotransmitters and thus allows the brain to slow down at night. Caffeine and other stimulants may cause neurotransmitters to speed up so PharmaGaba just counteracts the effect.

Inositol has been clinically studies as a treatment for certain psychiatric conditions, including panic and bipolar disorder. In Cyclo Rem, inositol may be used to control mood so the bodybuilder does not feel excited or anxious at bedtime.

5 HTP is commonly used as a standalone supplement to fight anxiety, hunger and insomnia. There are quite a few clinical studies involving 5 HTP, so we are satisfied this ingredient will help some users achieve natural sleep patterns, but the key word here is “some.”

Natural supplementation for insomnia is a hit or miss treatment. Some people respond to natural treatments while others do not. In terms of basic formula, Cyclo Rem contains good ingredients with a good track record in both clinical studies and real-life use.

Delivery method is important for sleep aids. Most supplements work best when the user takes them with food. Eating right before bed can cause insomnia, so Cyclo Rem is delivered in a fast melt tablet. It simply dissolves in the mouth. No food required.

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  • May promote healthy, restful sleep.
  • May promoted muscle recovery by aiding sleep.
  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Contains an antioxidant to help the body recover.


  • May not work for all bodybuilders.
  • Should be taken on a regular basis to work best.


The formula for Cyclo Rem is simple and effective, but it is the delivery method that stands out. No one wants to eat before bed when they are having trouble sleeping. The fast tab melts quickly so there is no food needed to promote digestion. The ingredients will not work for everyone, especially if the bodybuilder takes stimulants after noon or in the early evening.

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    I think it’s a great product, works very well with training hard to sleep undisturbed ! Just a question is it safe to take while pregnant ?