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In the vast and plentiful world of weight loss, there are always new and unique supplements to choose from. One product that can be acquired online is Cyclotrim. This is described on the official website as a “weight loss water.” The one customer testimonial that’s posted at on the site’s homepage show’s a woman who apparently lost 24 pounds by taking Cyclotrim. Basically this supplement comes in the form of a powder that’s added to water (a water bottle is shown). The product dissolves in the water and suddenly it’s a weight loss solution.

Although there used to be a free sample of Cyclotrim offered through the official website, this offer is stated to be “no longer available.” After reviewing the website carefully, it’s clear that Cyclotrim aims to help users burn more fat, improve mental focus, strengthen their immune system, and increase energy levels, while maximizing hydration. Key active ingredients that are noted on the website are Green tea Extract (EGCG), Guarana (improves energy levels), Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C (helps strengthen the immune system). Although a full list of ingredients are not provided for Cyclotrim, it is supposed to contain a variety of herbal components.


Not provided on website.

Product Features

Cyclotrim is a powder formula that’s combined with water in order to aid in the weight loss process. It’s specifically supposed to target belly fat. With major ingredients like Guarana and Green Tea Extract, this supplement may assist the body with burning fat/calories at higher rates, while boosting energy levels. There is no clinical proof presented on the official website for Cyclotrim, nor is there an actual price posted. However, there is a contact email address, which may allow dieters to place orders online. The basic premise of Cyclotrim is that the human body requires a lot of water to function correctly; therefore consuming this supplement regularly in water will improve the body’s overall functioning naturally.

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  • Cyclotrim encourages users to consume a great deal of water, which is naturally good for the body.
  • There are all-natural ingredients found in this product, such as Vitamins C, B12, B6, and B Complex.
  • There used to be a free trial sample of Cyclotrim offered.


  • There is only one testimonial presented on the official website.
  • The actual cost of Cyclotrim is not revealed on the website, which may be confusing for some individuals.
  • The website appears like a massive ad with no significant links.
  • Cyclotrim does not come in a convenient capsule or tablet form.
  • This weight loss supplement doesn’t endeavor to help with thermogenesis.


Overall, Cyclotrim is a rather unique and interesting weight loss supplement. Some individuals may enjoy the fact that it’s added to water. This not only assists dieters with consuming more water, but it also allows the product to disperse more effectively in the body for absorption. However, on the downside, the official website lacks certain details, such as the product’s price and how it can be ordered. This will naturally raise a few eyebrows.

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    Jenny Cohen

    Is cyclotrim still in business I have not received my consignment this month and cannot contact them by phone or by email.


  • 2
    Bonnie Ard

    I have a history of bleeding stomach ulcers. Would it be safe for me to take this product? Also, I am allergic to avalox.


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    joanne clendenning

    am i going to lose weight taking this drink


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    joanne clendenning

    are you going to lose weight taking this