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Cytogenix Laboratories is the manufacturer of nutritional supplements marketed towards bodybuilders and extreme athletes. These products are created for fast results of muscle building and fat burning. The Cytogenix Laboratories website does not contain any corporate information, except for their mission statement. There is limited information available regarding this company. The website does contain a recruitment page to recruit athletes for a two-year sponsorship by Cytogenix Laboratories.


Not Applicable. There is a full disclosure on the corporate website of all ingredients in most of their products.

Product Features

Cytogenix Laboratories manufactured nutritional supplements for body builders and extreme athletes, offering fast results. Their company website states that each product they develop is scientifically tested by third party clinical studies to establish dosing guidelines. Cytogenix Laboratories also state that their substantial investment into product development makes them pioneers in the supplement industry. No company information is available on the Cytogenix Laboratories website, including location, founder, president, or history.

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  • The Cytogenix Laboratories corporate website contains detailed product information for all but one of their products.
  • The Cytogenix Laboratories products are clearly marketed for body builders and extreme athletes.


  • The Cytogenix Laboratories corporate website has limited information about the company.
  • The Cytogenix Laboratories products cannot be purchased directly from the company.
  • The Cytogenix Laboratories products have many consumer warnings and may not be safe for all consumers.


Cytogenix Laboratories is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for body builders and extreme athletes. The products descriptions contain long warnings about who should not use the products, including consumers who have had a heart attack, have chronic conditions like asthma, and women who are pregnant or nursing. Some of the products contain caffeine or caffeine-like products that may cause side effects, including a fast heart rate, jitters and insomnia. Each product has dosing and administration directions that should be followed closely. These products are not for constant use. The corporate website does not contain much information about the company other than their mission statement.

Consumers looking for supplements should look for products with dedicated websites that offer information about the manufacturer. Consumers looking for a weight loss product should look for one with a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. This combination will give the consumer the best results for weight loss, along with exercise and a healthy diet. This supplement should also have a dedicated website with clinical trials showing the effectiveness of the product and customer testimonials.

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