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CytoSport is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements marketed towards athletes and active individuals. CytoSport was founded in 1998 by Greg Pickett and Mike Pickett, a father and son, and is based in Benicia, CA. The corporate website states that it is their mission to provide the highest quality nutritional products to athletes. CytoSport product lines include Muscle Milk, Monster Milk, and Cytomax. The corporate website outlines each product in each line, with uses and ingredients to help the consumer select the correct product for them and their goals.


Not Applicable. CytoSport uses all natural ingredients in their products.

Product Features

CytoSport manufactures nutritional supplements marketed towards athletes and active individuals. The founders, Greg and Mike Pickett, take pride in their family owned company. The corporate website states that CytoSport does not condone the use of performance enhancing drugs, such as steroids and prohormones. All of their products are compliant with the guidelines set by governing bodies of sports, and only use natural ingredients. CytoSport further pledges that all of their ingredients are disclosed on the website. Each product is fully disclosed on the website with uses and dosing information clearly stated. The products include Muscle Milk, Monster Milk, and Cytomax. CytoSport products come in ready to drink, powder, nutritional bars, and oatmeal.

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  • CytoSport full discloses the ingredients of all their products.
  • The CytoSport corporate website contains company information.


  • CytoSport products cannot be purchased online from the corporate website.
  • CytoSport’s website does not offer clinical trial information.


CytoSport manufactures nutritional supplements made with all natural ingredients. The products are marketed towards athletes and active individuals. The company website contains a statement from the founder stating the company position on performance enhancing drugs and steroids, promising they will never use those types of ingredients in their products. The CytoSport products are outlined and ingredients fully disclosed on the website. However, there is no online purchase option available. CytoSport products are available in retail stores, and the corporate website does contain a dealer locator. Clinical trial information is not available on the corporate website. Customer profiles are available as testimonials for the products. Some products are marketed in the weight loss category.

Consumers looking for a weight loss supplement should look for a product with a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. This combination will provide the best results for weight loss. This product should have a dedicated website with clinical trials proving the effectiveness of the product and customer testimonials.

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    Doyle Rushing

    I use your muscle milk and I think it’s great. My question is “how does this work with type 2 diabetes”. This would be my situation.
    Thanke, Doyle


  • 2

    I was told it is less effective if mixed with milk. Is this true? Can you also mix it with coffee?