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D & E Pharmaceuticals, also known as DNE Pharmaceuticals, manufactures nutritional supplements. D & E Pharmaceuticals is now a subsidiary of NutraSupply, located in Farmingdale, New Jersey. D & E Pharmaceuticals manufactures supplements for weight loss, energy, and sexual enhancement. The products include Maxadrine Maximum Strength, Maxadrine EFM, Super Cap Xtreme, Yellow Subs Xtreme, Testora NX, Appress Glucappress PCL, and Appress Glucappress PCL 715.2 mg.


Not Applicable. D & E Pharmaceuticals offers only the highest quality products.

Product Features

D & E Pharmaceuticals manufactures nutritional supplements for weight loss, energy and sexual enhancement. Maxadrine Maximum Strength is an energy catalyst, and contains green tea extract as its main source of caffeine. It contains other natural ingredients, including a proprietary blend. Maxadrine EFM is a weight loss supplement which contains a fat burner and caffeine as a stimulant. Super Cap Xtreme is marketed as a fat loss enhancer and thermogenic energy, and promises wild energy. It contains all natural ingredients, including green tea as the caffeine ingredient. Yellow Subs is also a weight loss product, but it offers lipid transport. This product uses yerba mate for the stimulant component. Testora NX is the sexual enhancement product that increases sexual drive, arousal and stamina. It is said to help increase levels of nitric oxide. Appress Glucappress PCL is a weight loss product that is said to help promote weight loss, reduce body fat, control serum glucose, decrease hunger levels, and increase energy levels. This product information specifically advises a sensible diet and 80 minutes of exercise each week. This product also should be dosed based on consumer needs. Appress Glucapress PCL 715.2 mg is a weight loss product that is said to double the consumer’s weight loss, decrease hunger and increase energy. This product contains green tea as the stimulant.

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  • D & E Pharmaceuticals manufactures products with all natural ingredients.
  • D & E Pharmaceuticals products are available for purchase from websites.


  • D & E Pharmaceuticals is now a subsidiary of NutraSupply, which may confuse some consumers.
  • D & E Pharmaceutical products should not be used by consumers with chronic conditions.
  • D & E Pharmaceuticals website on NutraSupply has limited information on the products.


D & E Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer of nutritional supplements for weight loss, energy, and sexual enhancement. Most of these products contain stimulants, which can have side effects such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, jitters and insomnia. Consumers considering the sexual enhancement supplement should not be using any other prescription medications for sexual function. Also, consumers with preexisting conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease should contact their physician prior to use.

Consumers looking for a weight loss supplement should look for a product with both a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. This combination in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise will yield the best results. This product should also have a dedicated website with customer testimonials and clinical trial results proving the effectiveness of the product.

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    Marshall griffin

    Been call no answer wat is wrong I would Luke to know Marshall griffin


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    What happened to Appress PCL? I can’t find it anywhere and it is the only thing that ever worked for me! Please help


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    I have som D & E ES25 Yellow capsules. Would you know what they are ?