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D-fine 8 is a product created by Muscle Werks which is a company under the Hans Drake International, Corp. The Hans Drake website appears to be less than functional at the time of this review with only small portions of the website working properly. Products are listed, but there is no information about the products. You can add products to your shopping cart, which is linked to PayPal, as well.

D-fine 8 is a powered supplement available in 21 different flavors. In order to get a better idea what makes D-fine 8 by Muscle Werks burn more fat, we looked at third-party websites for a complete ingredient list.

List of Ingredients

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Hoodia Gordonii, Synephrine, Caffeine (from Guarana Seed), Dandelion Leaf Extract, and Green Tea Extract.

Product Features

D-fine 8 jumps into weight loss with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This ingredient has been used for many years with supplement companies claiming it can reduce muscle loss during weight loss and even help build lean muscle. Some users complain the ingredient causes stomach upset. There is also no strong clinical data to back up the claims of building lean muscle mass.

Hoodia Gordonii is another flash from the past. This appetite suppressant was the most popular ingredient just a few years ago until dieters and research groups found it did not suppress appetite. The portion of Hoodia that is supposed to fight hunger, P57, is metabolized too quickly by the body to offer any weight loss support.

Synephrine is a name we are familiar with as is caffeine. Both are stimulants. We like caffeine in the right amounts, but synephrine could cause negative side effects in some users. As the cousin of Ephedra, synephrine is considered a “light” version of Ephedra but increase heart rate and blood pressure are common side effects.

Dandelion Root Extract is not a weight loss ingredient at all. Instead, it is a diuretic. Diuretics cause urination and water weight loss, but the effect is temporary. The final ingredient is green tea extract – a proven ingredient with clinical backing for weight loss. We love the fact that D-fine 8 includes green tea, but would like to know how much green tea is included.

The D-fine 8 powder retails for $64.99 and can be purchased from the Hans Drake website. We would not suggest buying the supplement from Hans Drake, because most of the website is not functioning, so the dieter may have to request a refund or investigation through Paypal if the order is never sent.

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  • Green tea and caffeine are proven to increase weight loss.


  • No ingredient list on the official website.
  • Hans Drake website is not working properly.
  • All sales are made through Paypal instead of an integrated checkout page.
  • Synephrine could cause negative side effects.
  • Dandelion is a diuretic.


There is no reason why a dieter should take a chance on a weight loss supplement. Without any information about why the official website is not working, the dieter should steer clear of this company. D-fine 8 is not a proven weight loss product and does not contain enough proven ingredients to help the dieter achieve substantial weight loss.

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  • 1
    leana west

    Can my 13yr and 17yr old take the define8 powder?


  • 2
    Nidal Hijazeen

    how much it cost and how much the delivery to Jordan costs ?



  • 3

    i love define-8 I find it really works, but it always seems to go clumpy and stick together I only get to use around half of the tub is there anything I can do to stop his ?



    Keep it in the fridge :)



    Shake the container every few days to prevent the product from sticking to each other.



    After opening, keep it in the fridge.

  • 4

    I had been using dfine8 and found as soon as my heart rate raised I’d get a blinding headache… No more for me, it’s not worth risking my health for!



    I found this did the same to me however I decreased the amount reccomended for a few days and my headaches were decreasing. Now I use the reccommended (1 scoop) daily. Also if your body isnt use to drinking caffine that can have an inpact causing headaches.


  • 5

    Is D-fine 8 banned by the NCAA?



    I tried Dfine8 after having it recommended to me and all I got was heart palpitations and it made me feel really weird it cant be any good for you. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this product.


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