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What You Should Know

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D-Solve Natural is a weight loss supplement that claims to reduce body fat with proven ingredients. The ingredient list contains one proven ingredient and “D-solve extracts.” The extracts in this portion of the formula are unknown. Dieters should never take a supplement that does not reveal all ingredients. In some cases, hidden ingredients could cause negative side effects or interactions with other supplements or prescription medications. The official website for D-Solve Natural lists ingredients in the FAQs section only.

List of Ingredients

Orange Extracts, Cassia Seeds, Lotus Leaf, Papaya Extracts, Green Tea, Lingzhi, Hawthorn Fruits and D-Solve Extracts.

Product Features

Orange extracts could be orange juice or bitter orange. For the purpose of weight loss, the ingredient is probably bitter orange. Bitter orange is a source of synephrine, a stimulant. Unlike caffeine, synephrine is not proven to boost fat loss or metabolism. It is linked with increased heart rate and blood pressure. Synephrine is a cousin to Ephedra, but it does not have the same effect as Ephedra.

Cassia seeds are a laxative. Laxatives should be used for occasional relief from constipation not for weight loss. Dieters using laxatives for weight loss may see some weight reduction on the scale, but that weight will come back as soon as they stop taking the supplement. Long-term use of laxatives is associated with dependence and addiction.

Papaya extract is commonly used to aid digestion and calm the stomach. There is no weight loss benefits associated with this ingredient. Lotus leaf boosts immunity, but it does not affect metabolism or fat loss.

Green tea is the only proven ingredient for weight loss in D-Solve Natural. Clinical studies typically use 300 to 350 mg of green tea, but we have no idea how much green tea is included in D-Solve Natural. The D-solve extracts included in the formula include unknown ingredients. We suggest dieters think twice about taking a supplement that hides ingredients.

D-Solve Natural sells for $39.99 per bottle. The official website sells the supplement directly. Each bottle contains 30 capsules. There is no shipping and handling charge for the order.

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  • All ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • Green tea is a proven weight loss ingredient.
  • The cost is less than other fat burners.


  • Cassia seed is a natural laxative not a weight loss ingredient.
  • Information on the official website is difficult to navigate.
  • It appears all sales go through PayPal.
  • Unknown ingredients.


D-Solve Natural contains ingredients that are no specified on the ingredient list. This, in addition to laxative ingredients in the formula, is a red flag for dieters. Never take supplements that contain unknown ingredients. These ingredients could cause negative side effects or interact with prescription medications.

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