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D-Zine is available online from Competitive Edge Labs. The supplement is listed as a pro-anabolic that supports muscle growth and helps the body retain more nitrogen. It may also aid in glycogen storage, but that is not proven. The product description for D-Zine is similar to that of creatine, with one small difference. Supposedly, D-Zine does not cause water retention like creatine, so the bodybuilder can spend more time building and less time cutting. Water retention is the main side effect of creatine that causes bodybuilders to look bloated before they take diuretics to push out the water.

D-Zine offers no benefit for the average dieter. It will not decrease hunger or increase metabolism. As is the case with many bodybuilding supplements, the supplement is created in a laboratory as a chemical compound. There is no mention in the product description of the prohormone or bodybuilding supplement the compound is derived from.

List of Ingredients

2, 17-dimethyl-5-androstan-17-ol-3, 3’-azine.

Product Features

The compound 2, 17-dimethyl-5-androstan-17-ol-3, 3’-azine is often referred to as Dymethazine or Dimethazine. The chemical compound is altered slightly, but the effects appear to be the same. Dimethazine is known to have toxic effects on the liver, so it is not considered safe nor is D-Zine.

D-Zine must be cycled and followed by PCT (pos cycle therapy.) The warning associated with the product contends that dieters with psychiatric conditions should not take the supplement, but it does not reveal why this warning is in place.

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  • D-Zine may increase lean muscle mass and strength.
  • Appears to have effects similar to steroids.
  • Available online.
  • May be legal.


  • The supplement may be banned from use in sporting competitions.
  • May cause negative side effects, including liver toxicity.
  • Will not promote weight loss or increase metabolism.
  • Derived from a toxic steroid compound.


Bodybuilders are always looking for that next great supplement to increase lean muscle mass and promote strength. D-Zine may offer both benefits, but there is a chance it could be toxic to the liver. D-Zine is a chemical that is not fully tested in humans for prolonged or dangerous side effects. This is common in the bodybuilding industry, but that doesn’t mean its safe. Before taking this supplement, bodybuilders and athletes should check to see if the supplement is banned for use in competition.

Dieters should stay away from D-Zine, especially those with high blood pressure and psychiatric conditions. We assume these warnings are associated with real life side effects that have been reported during limited testing. D-Zine does not promote weight loss or an increase in metabolism, so there is no viable reason to take this product for weight loss.

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    Yes, take Milk Thistle to combat liver issues. Hawthorne Berry Extract for Blood Pressure.


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    Now my question is because of the liver toxicity levels in dzine, is there something I can take to counter act those levels?