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Daily Burn is a diet and workout website that allows dieters to subscribe to the service for a monthly fee. The monthly fee covers access to hundreds of workouts from yoga to cardio to stretching. When you start off on the Daily Burn website you enter a little information about yourself and your goals. From there exercise suggestions are offered, but you do not have to follow the suggestions – you have access to the entire Daily Burn library. There are programs for beginner, advanced and pregnant users. To top off the benefits, Daily Burn allows you to try out the program for 30 days – no strings attached.

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Diet and exercise program online.

Product Features

Exercise is a critical part of weight loss, but every dieter knows what it’s like to spend hundreds of dollars on the latest exercise program only to find out it is too hard or too boring. With Daily Burn you never have to worry about doing the same workouts over and over again. You can choose from beginner workouts and workouts similar to Insanity and P90X. You can do a little yoga twice a week, thrown in some intense cardio and work your core all from the same website. Daily Burn is an online program, but you are not limited to watching the videos on your personal computer. You can access Daily Burn on a Playstation 3, Xbox 360, iPad and other internet-ready devices.

Dieting and weight loss is about more than just exercise. You need to learn how to eat right and reduce stress – Daily Burn helps there too. The Life section gives dieters access to information and articles about good foods, bad foods and tips for making your diet the perfect diet for weight loss.

The 30-day free trial from Daily Burn is simple. Enter a little information about yourself and get started losing weight. If you try out Daily Burn for two weeks and you are just not sold on the idea you can cancel your membership without paying a dime. If you try it out for six months and choose to stop your subscription you can cancel then too. You’re not signing up for a long-term contract like the one your local gym asks you to sign.

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  • Unlimited access to hundreds of workouts.
  • You can access workouts from multiple internet-capable devices.
  • Costs less than a gym membership and most popular workout programs.
  • 30-day free trial available.


  • None.


Before you spend two hundred dollars on a popular workout program or you sign a two-year contract with a local gym, try out Daily Burn. You have nothing to lose, but a lot of extra weight.

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  • 1

    I use Daily Burn regularly and like it. You can choose which videos you want to watch and they’re pretty good. I don’t know why these people are calling it a “scam” because it’s pretty straight forward and you can cancel in the account settings so that shouldn’t scare you into not trying it.


  • 2

    Sounds great. Except I can’t get on the site at all. VERY FRUSTRATED!. It currently won’t even let you sign in? Is there a trick? I would like help….no way to contact by phone? No customer service no#..then if I want to contact you, I have to set up a new email account. Give me a break. I’m going to dispute this on my credit card.


  • 3

    Total scam…they inundate your with upgrade emails and when you forget to cancel, they keep charging you $10, and their customer service is terrible. Beware. Limited site content without paying for an upgrade.


  • 4

    They keep charging my credit card $10 a month and I have NEVER even heard of DAILY BURN !!!! They are continuing these fraud/charges against my consent and nothing is being resolved. NOT IMPRESSED! Getting sick of this, so far 2 charges from Daily Burn within 2 weeks!


  • 5

    Beware, cancelling is extremely difficult. They don’t provide any phone numbers. There are better workout videos for free on youtube. They keep charging me after several requests to cancel.



    how did you end up canceling?


  • 6

    I love DailyBurn I can’t believe others don’t feel the same! They do give you a 30 day free trial when you sign up stating that after those 30 days your card will automatically be charged $10/mo. Also when you sign up and enter your information they reccomend 3 programs they think you will like and you can choose which one to do. Yes, I imagine one of the 3 reccomended for a female would be the dance one which I’m not a fan of but you don’t have to select that program. I have obviously never tried to cancel my subscription but I have never had problems reaching them via email or phone when I have needed help including when I switched my account to a different CC. All that being said, I love DB and would reccomend it to everyone. The variety of videos is amazing and having a set schedule for workouts makes me much more likely to do it. I went from working out occasionally and being lazy to commiting to 6 days a week of 30-50 minute workouts thanks to DailyBurn and I can definately see and feel results



    Did you lose any weight? i am 150 pounds . i want to be a max of 135



    Did u lose any weight? I need to lose about 100 lbs


  • 7
    Brian Wood

    I have been having a fee of $10.50 or 60 cents charged against my credit card. I had requested this been cancelled. Plse pass to correct office or advise where I need to contact to have this CANCELLED – again! Thank you


  • 8

    I thought it was very clear when I signed up that it was a trial membership for 30 days after wich I would be charged $10 a month. I was not impressed with the workouts however, so I canceled. Which I found very easy to do under manage subscription.


  • 9

    I tried to cancel after stupidly subscribing. It’s been days with no word from them.

    I wanted to cancel after my friend and I both signed up, entered the same basic information except I checked female and he checked male. He gets assigned a fitness program and I get some dancing stuff. None of the programs were impressive or worthy of my money.

    Daily Burn is a scam. Hopefully any potential future customers can read this before they make the same mistake as I did.


  • 10

    As far as I’m concerned, Daily Burn is a scam. I’ve never ordered anything from them, yet somehow they have charged my accoount in excess of $10.00. If anyone knows how to contact them, please post the number. I tried the 212-404-1094 number, but it is obviously bogus!
    I will be reporting them to the BBB, while blocking them from retrieving any more funds from my account.


  • 11

    They charge your credit card without checking.


  • 12

    They keep charging your credit card even when you don’t use this. There is no way to reach them. It’s a scam.


  • 13
    wanda white

    how can i cancel?


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