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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Daisy Fuentes Pilates workout game for Wii is an interactive fitness game starring celebrity model, host and actress Daisy Fuentes. Fuentes has no official certification as a fitness or diet instructor, but the game provides fitness and diet tips. Unfortunately, Wii fitness games like Daisy Fuentes Pilates receive very low ratings by users. More than 50-percent of the reviews we found online were negative. Two of the more common complaints include the game only having 10 exercises and diet tips like “eat less and exercise more.”

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Pilates game for Wii with Daisy Fuentes.

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The Daisy Fuentes Pilates Wii game earns points for attempting to pass on dieting tips for healthy living, but the tips are nothing more than basic dieting advice, according to consumer reviews. The game uses the Wii Balance Board and if the board does not sense the proper movement, Fuentes nags you to keep going to try harder. This is a huge distraction for the dieter attempting to workout, especially if it is the machine that is causing the problem.

The product description for the Daisy Fuentes Pilates game claims there are 10 workouts, fitness tracker and customizable workouts. The setting for the workout is a tropical destination and users can choose between English and Spanish versions of the game. These are all positive notes, but the game simply does not live up to the expectations of the dieter.

Amazon.com continues to sell the Daisy Fuentes Pilates game for $14, despite the negative reviews. Since the release of this game, several others like New U Fitness First Yoga and Pilates have been released with much better reviews. The claim of being the first Pilates workout for Wii could be a negative for the game.

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  • Daisy Fuentes Pilates is available online.
  • The game is available in English or Spanish.
  • May help a beginner better understand Pilates.
  • Costs less than comparable workout games.


  • Bad customer reviews.
  • Dieting tips are basic and unfulfilling.
  • Daisy Fuentes has no training as a fitness instructor or a diet expert.
  • Other Pilates games for Wii may have higher reviews.


The Daisy Fuentes Pilates game for Wii may have been the first Pilates game for Wii, but it is not the last. More than 50-percent of consumer who bought the game were dissatisfied with the workout experience, game interaction or dieting advice. The product description claims the game contains 10 workouts, but users claim it is more like 10 exercises. We suggest the dieter research newer workout games for Wii if they want an interactive workout using the Wii Balance Board. This game may end up sitting on the shelf after the first use.

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