Dance And Be Fit Brazilian Body Review

Editor's Review: 3.1 / 5.0

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Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body attempts to teach classic Brazilian dance moves in a short workout video. There are five sections in the video – Warm-up, Maculele, Samba Reggae, Capoeira and Cool Down. The first section is the most intense with the remaining sections cooling down the body slowly. The Capoeira section includes an abdominal workout. Despite the instructor’s claims that anyone of any fitness level can follow the DVD, the workout is intense with fast moves and poor transitioning. Cues consist of audio overlaid onto a workout DVD so the instructor tends to change movements before the verbal cue to change is heard. Many of the moves require the follower to look up so transitions are difficult. There is no official website for Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body but offers a three-minute preview of the Maculele section.

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Brazilian dance workout DVD.

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Dieters who want to dance their way to a thinner body often jump at exotic workout DVDs. The Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body fits that description, but it may not be for the average beginner. The short clip of the video appearing on shows an intense workout with bad transitional cueing. The instructor is not speaking throughout the video. Instead, audio overlays the video so movements are not announced before they happen. The march is highly intense, let alone the remaining movements that require extreme arm movements and constant marching in place. It would take a beginner several sessions just to learn the moves as there is no instruction section on dance movements used in the video.

The consumer reviews for Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body is not supportive, in most cases. Beginners are taken aback by the intensity and dance gurus hate the fact that moves are not taken from the traditional dances. The instructor overlay is upbeat and bubbly, but it borders on annoying as she is clearly not speaking while moving through the workout.

Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body sells for $12.49. There are other workouts from the Dance and Be Fit series available as well.

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  • Dance moves are intense and fast-paced.
  • Includes several sections so the dieter can choose how long to workout.
  • A bonus dance is included on the DVD.
  • Cheaper than other dance workouts.


  • May be too intense for some dieters.
  • No transitional cueing.
  • No instructional portion to teach dance moves.


Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body is an intense workout that may be more appropriate for the average fitness guru than the beginner. With bad transitions and fast-paced moves, this workout could be confusing and disappointing.

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