Dance Off The Inches Cardio Hip Hop Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Dance Off the Inches Cardio Hip Hop is a workout video comprised of hip hop dance instruction by Jennifer Galardi. There is no official website for the video, but it is sold online. Reviews are all positive and consumers love the movements and instructor from the actor. The only negative about the program is the intensity. Beginners may have trouble learning the moves and performing them in sequence for the “dance it out” sections. There is a dance move guide included with the video so followers can learn a few of the basic moves before starting the workout. We suggest beginners follow the dance move guide several times before attempting the workout.

List of Ingredients

Hip hop dance workout.

Product Features

Dancing is a good way to increase heart rate and burn calories. Hip hop dancing is particularly fun because the music is driving and that keeps the follower engaged in the workout from start to finish. Dance Off the Inches Cardio Hip Hop is a progressive workout. The instructor explains a series of moves slowly, at first. The speed increases several times and then the instructor asks the follower to combine the moves for a “dance it out” section. The video progresses and the follower learns more moves in the same fashion until the end of the workout where the “dance it out” section includes all the moves learned from the beginning.

The actual workout portion of the video is only 45 minutes. A training session is available for beginners who want to learn some of the dance moves before attempting the complete workout. Reviews for the DVD are fantastic. The instructor cues moves well, allows the follower time to learn moves and makes the workout fun – which is the most important aspect of a workout DVD.

Overweight and obese dieters may find it difficult to complete the workout from start to finish. Instead of starting with the 45-minute workout, try the beginner workout that explains the dance moves for a week or two then move on to the workout DVD.

Dance Off the Inches Cardio Hip Hop sells for $12 on

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  • Hip hop dancing is a fun, effective workout.
  • The DVD sells for less than comparable workouts.
  • The instructor takes time to teach each move.
  • Dance it out sections are fun.


  • Beginners without dance experience may find the workout difficult.
  • May be too intense for some dieters.


If you love to dance, Dance Off the Inches Cardio Hip Hop may be a good DVD to choose. There is no diet associated with the workout DVD, so the dieter must choose a reduced calorie diet to lose weight. Working out is not enough to boost weight loss. The dieter must eat right.

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