Dance Off The Inches Country Line Dance Party Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Workout videos are a dime a dozen. Some use driving beats and hip hop dancing to engage the follower while others focus on a tighter dance niche. Dance Off the Inches Country Line Dance Party is a niche dance workout for people who love country music and line dancing. The instructor is Amy Blackburn. There is no information on the instructor nor is there an official website for the Dance Off the Inches series of videos.

Dance Off the Inches Country Line Dance Party sells for $11 on There are an equal number of good and bad reviews from customers who purchased the workout.

List of Ingredients

Country line dancing workout video.

Product Features

Dance Off the Inches Country Line Dance Party uses 10 dancing moves to create a workout for weight loss. The moves are based on the Boot Scoot and the product description uses several “country” or “southern” references to pull in the dieter. Aside from the brief bit of information about the dance moves, the description offers no details for the buyer.

The first 10 minutes of the video is spent teaching individual moves used in the remaining 43 minutes of the workout. It could take a dieter more than 10 minutes to learn each dance move and how to incorporate those moves into a full dance workout.

The moves in the video are based on country line dancing, but they are used as part of an exercise workout. Dieters wanting a video with dance instructor for country line dancing will not be happy with this video. This is the most common complaint, second only to the fact that the country music in the video is obscure and unknown.

Dance Off the Inches Country Line Dance Party requires jumping and twisting. Dieters with joint problems and back pain may have trouble completing the workout. The video is very low impact. Beginners may find the moves useful, but they will likely grow bored of the moves after a few plays.

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  • The video uses country line steps in exercise form.
  • Very low impact.
  • Cheaper than other workout videos.


  • Consumers complain the video has nothing to do with country line dancing.
  • The instructor may throw in extra steps throughout the workout.
  • Music is obscure and unknown.


Reviews for Dance Off the Inches Country Line Dance Party fall on the negative side. Consumers complain on more than one occasion about the lack of country line dancing moves. The instructor uses a few common moves, but they are presented in exercise form. Moves are very low impact and the workout may not be suitable for someone who works out regularly.

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