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Dance with Julianne is a series of workout DVDs designed to help you workout from home. There are two DVDs: Just Dance, and Cardio Ballroom. This review will take a closer look at the DVDs to determine how they can help you in your quest to lose weight.

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Dance with Julianne DVDs are created by Julianne Hough. She won the popular game show Dancing with the Stars twice, and is well known for her Nasheville recording career. She says that a lot of people thinks she works out all the time because of how her body looks, but she says it is all because she just dances. Both of her DVDs focus on dancing to workout your body without actually having to exercise. These are designed for people who are just getitng started so there is no specific experience level required. You get a workout, and three different 10 minute dance workouts. The workouts will boost your heart rate, and work all of your muscles, so you can get a complete body workout without feeling like you did any workout at all. The Cardio Ballroom focuses more on cardio workouts, while the Just Dance DVD focuses on a full body workout. Both DVDs last about 45 minutes. The DVDs are avaialbel from a variety of online and offline merchants for around $10 each.

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  • Dance with Julianne allows you do the workouts from the privacy of your own home.
  • This is an inexpensive way to workout, at around $20 for both DVDs.


  • Dance with Julianne is taregeted mostly at females. Men would not likely enjoy these dance workout DVDs.
  • No diet or eating advice is given to support the DVDs.
  • Doing the same workouts over and over again may make you tire of them. If you don’t switch things up from time to time, you are likely to stop using them.


Dance with Julianne is an excellent workout option for women who want to increase their heart rate and work all the msucles in their body without actually feeling like they are exercising. Dancing is a great way to keep your body enagaged and burn calories without feeling like you are doing anything streneous or tiring. However, exercising alone will not cause you to lose weight. You must be willing to follow a reduced calorie diet along side your exercise program. To boost your weight loss efforts even more, you should consider adding a proven fat burner or appetite suppressant to your daily routine. Combining the supplement with diet and exercise will make it even easier to lose weight.

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