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The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook is written by Grace Bass and Lynda Anderson and is intended as a spiritual approach to a healthy lifestyle. The Daniel’s Fast is a fast based on Daniel’s fast in the bible and tries to follow what Daniel ate (or did not eat) in order to avoid being defiled after Israel was besieged and he was imprisoned by the King of Babylon. The Daniel’s Diet operates on the theory that “the body is a temple” and should not be polluted.


The Daniel Fact Cookbook excludes all meats and animal products, all fermented products, hydrogenated oils and processed foods and contains over 100 recipes that are strictly vegan. When the diet is strictly followed with these foods, it is supposed to lead to improved physical and spiritual health as well as a healthy weight.

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The Daniel’s Fast can be done for 10 or 21 days, for the period of Lent or can be applied as a lifestyle. The cookbook contains a thorough explanation of the fast, recipes, and guidelines for implementing the fast. The cookbook lists the foods to avoid as well as foods that are allowed. The cookbook also addresses such topics as nutritional concerns and Daniel Fast friendly restaurants. Also covered throughout the book are references to the spiritual benefits of fasting.

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  • The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook promotes healthy eating habits and weight loss without the use of any diet drugs.
  • The cookbook encourages breaking bad habits and learning self-control.
  • Following the guidelines for the Daniel Fast is supposed to have many spiritual benefits.


  • The Daniel Fast diet is low in Omega 3, calcium, Vitamin B12, and iron, so supplements are recommended to avoid long term problems.
  • There is no schedule of when or how much to eat provided by The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook, nor is there much emphasis on exercise.
  • The focus of The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook is not just about how to lose weight but focuses more on promoting a healthy vegan diet and lifestyle.
  • Some followers of the Daniel Fast claim that this diet can eliminate illness and disease, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence which can conclusively prove that.


The Daniel Fast Cookbook offers a spiritual and vegan approach to changing one’s diet to lose weight and achieve better health. This book guides those interested in eliminating chemicals and unhealthy additives from their diets. Its basis is in the Bible and many Christian websites have articles supporting this type of fast. Weight loss may be achieved but the spiritual benefits seem to be what most readers of the book are interested in. Most feedback from those who have purchased The Daniel Fast Cookbook has been positive. The book can be purchased at Christian Bookstores, Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble.

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  • 1

    I am a diabetic. Can I do the Daniel Fast?


  • 2

    I fasted for 3 days using the foods from the Daniel Fast. I was seeking to break the flesh of it’s power that food had over me, and how disrespectful I was being to my body and, and to God. I will be fasting again, in the future, for a longer time, maybe eventually for 21 days…


  • 3



  • 4
    Maria Menchaca

    i am a diabetic on insulin can i stil do the fast and still take my dedication


  • 5

    can you do a Daniel Diet if you are diabetic? I’m doing the Daniel Bible Study at this time and would love to do the fast.


  • 6
    Jacquelyn Scott

    I can’t get to the section on the web page that gives the lists of food, etc. Please help


  • 7

    what is the correot foods to eat on the daniel fast.



    All vegees fruits. Water. Nuts. There are 2 brands of OJ that are ok according to my book. The one i bought was by kristen feola. You can get her book from a really good web site called cbd.com. its cheaper here than anywhere else.
    Back to the food. No cheese eggs no dip no bread.
    You will do alot more cooking. My husband snd i did it. We lost 15 lbs a piece in the 21 days.



    No on the dip.
    Nothing from animals. This means no meat no dairy no eggs. You can have vegees fruits nuts water and oj that is NOT from concentrate. Canola oil and olive are ok to use. No margarines.


  • 8
    diane jenkins

    can you drink 100% juice, and eat ranch dip withe carrot? do you eat veggie, with know butter?



    Diane: you can drink the 100% juice, but you need to watch the labels to make sure there are no added sugars, preservatives, etc. With this fast, you cannot eat dairy, meat, some oils, breads, coffee, tea or other caffienated drinks. Your main drink is water. There are a lot of recipes on the internet for the Daniel Fast.



    Smart Balance (margerine) should be okay? Is Olive Oil acceptable?



    The Daniel Fast says NO drinks except WATER


  • 9

    what are some side affects from the 21 day fast. what are some of the foods you can eat.


  • 10

    I agree with Liz, when I need an answer from God, I go on a fast. God responds with different means to bless you (whether through healing, the answer sought, or tangible manifestation)


  • 11

    I went to your sight and do not see a place to join the fast, so I will be joining you again this year!
    Thank You,


  • 12

    Im seeking healty spirtual advice on a good healty life style spirtual and natural.


  • 13

    The Daniel Fast is not a diet. It is not a method to lose weight, nor it is a panacea for disease or physical ailments. The Daniel Fast is based on the Book of Daniel in the Bible and is a method to connect with God on a deeper level. Daniel was a close adviser of the King and as such was expected to dine at the King’s table. However, during a time that Daniel wanted to ask God several things, he decided to fast until he received an answer from God. The fast lasted 21 days; thus the Daniel Fast. Again, the point of the fast is not to lose weight or become healthier (these may both be a by-product). The goal is to connect with God on a deeper level than you ever have. In fasting, one dethrones King Stomach instead of giving our body it’s every whim.



    I pray that happens 4 me to get closer2GOD the weight lose is a bonus I need answer in my life and seeking GOD face will help out in the direct im tryin2take my life he knows my struggles my heartache if I have 2 keep fasting til get some answers then I will answers is what I need I want2 receive them since I been on the fast thus far been getting some breakthroughso maybe the fast is 4me



    how do i do a daniel fast,according to the Bible


  • 14

    something about ti seems fishy…you have to take pills so you dont become malnurished…but did david have pills back then? NO….very strange…also whats the point of people doing this fasting trend? i love god too but somethin tells me he doesnt want me to STARVE TO DEATH!!!



    i agree with you about not taking pills.
    i don’t take pills now nor would i want to while doing a fast/diet.