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Dave Ruel is known in the industry as the Muscle Cook. Through his writing, he has transformed the way individuals look at dieting and muscle development. There is no scientific research associated with his diet and fitness plans. His resource is his years of hard work and dedication. His products and services are available on the official website as well as third party ecommerce sites.

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Dave Ruel is a professional bodybuilder, author and nutrition expert.

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Dave Ruel is a nutritionist, author and professional bodybuilder. Ruel has written countless articles, blogs and books relating to his three passions, cooking, nutrition and bodybuilding. His most recent offering relates to Anabolic Cooking. In essence, the book discusses how to cook in order to lose weight and shed fat. There is little science behind the book, only tested methodology. Just because the plan worked for Dave Ruel, does not guarantee the plan will work for the masses.

The products sold by Dave Ruel are available on his official website for approximately $50. This is quite expensive, considering the information is nothing new. Several of the recommendations and meal plans have been around for years.

What Dave Ruel does not discuss is the steps he took to reach high weight management goals. He is a professional bodybuilder. He did not just follow his plans and achieve success. He had help from another professional as well as spent time in the gym. Not every dieter has the ability to spend this type of time training or has the financial acumen to receive attention from a personal trainer.

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  • Information relating to meal plans and recipes is available free online.
  • Dave Ruel offers personal training.


  • There is no scientific research associated with the diet plan.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The plan is expensive.


If dieters are looking for an individual that will motivate you to improve your overall health and wellbeing, Dave Ruel is that person. The bodybuilder has penned countless books and articles discussing nutrition, fitness and bodybuilding. The information contained in his writing is informative and relevant to the dieter looking to lose weight. His main book, Anabolic Cooking, does discuss several alternatives to traditional cooking, but fails to offer new information. Throughout the plan, the information is repetitive and even counterproductive. There is little addressed relating to exercise, even though Ruel is a bodybuilder. We feel as if Dave Ruel may intimidate the average dieter looking to lose weight. Even though the dietary considerations are a welcoming change, not everyone is capable of achieving weight loss and body sculpting like a bodybuilder.

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