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David Kirsch is a fitness expert from New York City and devotes his time to learning how to improve his health both physically and mentally. His website contains a variety of information both about Kirsch himself as well as leading a healthy life.

One of Kirsch’s projects is a fitness plan known as ‘the Ultimate New York Body Plan’ which claims to slim down the last 5-15lbs. There are many online tests and tools to determine who the plan will suit as well as providing support once people are following the plan.

The David Kirsch blog provides much fitness and nutritional information that is free to anyone who visits. There is no membership required. However, he does also sell information and products through his online store including: supplements, books, videos, fitness equipment and ‘wellness kits’ containing a number of products.


There are a number of supplements sold at Kirsch’s website, all of which include a variety of ingredients. The ingredients are listed on individual product pages.

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Kirsch’s Body plan may prove difficult, as it involves strenuous exercise every day in order to burn a large number of calories (1,500- 2,000). As the website states, this is only a plan to be followed by those with a certain base level of fitness before they start.

The advice on Kirsch’s website is generally useful, due to the fact that he has been working in the field for a long time and is highly knowledgeable in certain areas. He also has a large list of celebrities that he has worked with to back up his claims, including Heidi Klum.

The products sold at Kirsch’s website are reasonably high priced compared to other products in this area. There are in fact many other established healthy eating products and supplements available at a much lower cost from other sources.

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  • David Kirsch is a well known and popular trainer.


  • Everything on the official website is extremely workout oriented.
  • Many of the supplements are fairly expensive compared to similar products.
  • This diet and the products available on the website won’t work well for people significantly overweight.


David Kirsch seems to really know his stuff. His website is loaded with useful information and you can buy all kinds of product directly from the site. Many of the products contain appetite suppressants, energy boosters, and thermogenics but seem a little higher priced than some other brands. David Kirsch has a lot of celebrity endorsements and has been featured on quite a few television programs such as Dr. Phil.

If you have the motivation to keep up with the workouts, this program will probably help you lose weight and keep it off. Many of the supplements look like they contain proven ingredients which are nice but you may need to purchase “sets” of the products for your regimen.

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    eileen fowler

    He is the BEST I Am 53,a throid issue,and after following him. I have FINALY SEEN a big diference, love his work.


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