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DaySlim is a weight loss supplement that attempts to use the powerful marketing surrounding Hoodia Gordonii to push two ingredients as a complete weight loss solution. Hoodia Gordonii was once a popular ingredient, but today clinical research shows it is an ineffective appetite suppressant. The ingredient list shows a simply formula that does not offer dieters the support they need to boost metabolism and push weight loss any more than a multi-vitamin.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii and Ginseng.

Product Features

Hoodia Gordonii is the South African break-through ingredient that never was. When rumors started floating around that Hoodia was used by tribesmen who lasted days or even weeks without food thanks to the root of the Hoodia cactus, the ingredient started appearing on every weight loss supplement label in the world. The trouble is, the Hoodia Gordonii cactus, supposedly used in DaySlim, is an endangered species in South African and a CITES certificate is required to export and an importation certificate to get the ingredient into the United States. Most weight loss supplements claiming to contain Hoodia have none in the formula.

Ginseng is not a weight loss ingredient at all. Typically used to improve memory function and cognitive acuity, ginseng is often added to weight loss supplement as a mood or mind altering ingredient. We could find no scientific research supporting any weight loss benefits of Ginseng.

The DaySlim weight loss supplement does not include typical fat burning ingredients, like green tea and caffeine. At the heart of weight loss is fat burn and without stimulants, there is no way to increase metabolism. DaySlim will likely leave dieters feeling no different after taking the supplement than before they took it.

DaySlim is sold on along with many other supplements claiming the weight loss benefits of Hoodia. For $36.00, the dieter can purchase 12 bottles (2 ounces each) of the supplement.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • supports direct ordering for DaySlim.
  • Six month money back guarantee.


  • The website sells multiple Hoodia based weight loss supplements.
  • Hoodia is not an effective weight loss ingredient or appetite suppressant.
  • No other active ingredients are included in DaySlim.
  • Fat burning ingredients are not part of DaySlim.


We support weight loss products that are proven to work with clinically tested ingredients and that is not DaySlim. Hoodia is a long lost ingredient that does not suppress appetite. If the dieter wants to lose weight, a combination of green tea, caffeine and chromium is a great start. Proven weight loss ingredients will be listed on a website offering outside links to studies supporting those ingredients instead of supplements with no proven weight loss benefits at all.

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    debbie Lennie

    I want to cancle my order.My doctor said I cant take it .Becauce of my other med. I take i have tryed calling you on the phone.