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Deca 200 is a supplement that is similar to a steroid and marketed as a steroid, but it is not a steroid. Confused? Deca 200 comes in pill form and the steroid Deca is injected. There is no pill form of the steroid, so products sold in pill form with the Deca name are nothing more than supplements created in a lab. This is likely the case for any “steroid” found online for sale. Steroids are illegal and thus they are not going to come up with a simple Internet source. If someone is selling steroids illegally online, the website will be found and shutdown, likely with a bit of heat from the police in the process.

So what is Deca 200? It is a chemical created in a laboratory that is supposed to have the effects of a steroid. It is sold for an outrageous price of nearly $100 a bottle, but some websites offer a buy two get one free sale for a mere $200. Bodybuilding forums are filled with questions about Deca 200 from newbie bodybuilders and most end up with a long list of laughs and jokes. Just remember, steroids are injected most of the time, so if they are available in pill form there is a good chance the product is not a real steroid.

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So what does the bodybuilding community have to say about Deca 200? Most seasoned bodybuilders laugh the supplement off the market. We read through on thread where a newbie bought three bottles, likely for the huge price of $200. He wanted to know how to cycle this “steroid.” The response from the community was laughter. Deca 200 is not a steroid, but it is sold as a steroid. The common consensus was to flush more money down the toilet or throw them in the trash every morning and take another supplement proven to have some effect on muscle growth.

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  • Sold online.
  • May improve lean muscle mass.


  • Not a real steroid.
  • Laughed at by the bodybuilding community.
  • The product is a waste of money.
  • Deca is injected not taken in pill form.


Though steroids are dangerous and should not be taken to improve muscle mass, these chemical compounds pretending to be steroids could be just as dangerous. Dieters do not need to take a fake steroid or a real steroid to lose weight. Potential side effects of Deca 200 and other chemical compounds mimicking steroids are not well researched. Bodybuilders should check forums before purchasing any product that claims to be a legal steroid or illegal steroid as it is probably a fake.

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