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Deceptively Delicious is a cookbook written by Jessica Seinfeld, the lesser known wife of famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. It is a cookbook designed to help people get more vegetables in their diets, by hiding them in the foods they eat every day. If you don’t like vegetables, or want to secretly increase your child’s veggie intake, this cookbook has the answer. It can help you improve your diet, but it is not designed for weight loss, and is targeted primarily at mothers with picky eaters.

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Deceptively Delicious is a cookbook full of recipes for your favorites, and kid favorites, too. Beyond the recipes, you will also get information on everything you need to make it work for you, because the whole thing is based on the concept of using similarly colored vegetable purees in your dishes. You will learn everything you need to make and store the purees so you can make a bunch at once for use when you are crunched on time. For example, one of the recipes features a butternut squash puree in your mac and cheese. Sweet potato puree is also commonly used because it is versatile and can be mixed into multiple dishes. The key is sneaking it in when no one is looking, unless of course the picky eater is you. No one will know the vegetables are there, so you are adding nutrition to your meals, and while you should still serve vegetables so they don’t catch on, you don’t have to panic if the vegetables are still a battle. This won’t necessarily help produce weight loss, but can assist in making a diet more nutritious for the purpose of weight loss. The book also includes notes from Jerry, and their children about how the recipe tastes and what they love. There are recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll even find some healthy snack and dessert recipes, too.

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  • Deliciously Deceptive is written by a celebrity mom who has seen it work, so her name gives credence to the brand.
  • Will help get nutrition in your diet even if you don’t like the foods.


  • Deliciously Deceptive will not provide alternative preparations for vegetables to find a way children enjoy them, so you will still have a picky eater on your hands.
  • Trying to find time to prepare the purees and sneak them into dishes could be difficult if the picky eaters are always around.
  • This is not specifically designed for weight loss.
  • People who do not have children or picky eaters in the home will find less appeal in this book.
  • Seinfeld is not a nutritionist or other medical professional.


Deceptively Delicious is well worth the investment if you have picky eaters in the home or want to fool yourself into getting a healthier meal. More vegetables and nutrition means less hunger and a healthier diet, which may produce a little weight loss, but using this cookbook alone will not give you the results you are looking for. You will also need regular exercise, and a clinically proven weight loss supplement to help you reach your goals.

Seinfeld was sued by the author of The Sneaky Chef for copyright infringement, claiming her book was very similar and published just a few months after her first one, but judges sided with Seinfeld saying the books were remarkable different because hers focused more on technique and recipes, whereas The Sneaky Chef included information on food philosophy and child behavior as well as the recipes, in hers.

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