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DeltaZorb is a major active component incorporated into some dietary supplements now days. This ingredient was developed by Symmetry Northwest/Symmetry Direct, and is offered in the products they manufacture. These supplement formulas include categories like Weight Management, Targeted Support Bundles, Nutritional Systems, Skin Care, Water Systems, Botanicals, Nutritionals. All of these Symmetry products are offered with a 100% money-back guarantee. Some of the supplements found under Weight Management are Lipo-Sorb, Night Lite, CarbLess, Wow Smoothie, Thermo Balance, and SimplySlym.

In regards to the primary active ingredient DeltaZorb, this substance is described on the official website as patented absorption technology. The pitch for this component involves how people “do not get the full benefit of their supplements.” This is a claim made by Symmetry. However, by incorporating DeltaZorb into their products, users are supposed to reap the full benefits of the oral supplements. This all natural combination of herbal extracts is added to dietary supplements as a means to promote absorption within the body. As stated on the website, DeltaZorb may assist with a “160% vitamin and mineral absorption rate.” On the other hand, it’s claimed that typical vitamins and dietary supplements fail to absorb effectively into the body, but rather pass through the digestive system.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

DeltaZorb is a key ingredient that’s added to Symmetry supplements to potentially promote significant vitamin/mineral absorption. This component may help to increase the “permeability of the intestinal tract.” In turn, this is supposed to allow higher amounts of nutrients to enter the user’s bloodstream. Furthermore, DeltaZorb may increase thermogenesis in the user, which is the rate you burn off calories. Although there is not an actual cost for DeltaZorb, since it’s an ingredient, all of the Symmetry supplements are listed out for sale on the official website. There is a convenient link on the website that displays “miscellaneous facts.”

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  • There is a contact page provided on the official website with a convenient 1-800 number.
  • DeltaZorb is made from all-natural herbal extracts.
  • All Symmetry supplements are offered with a money-back guarantee.


  • There doesn’t appear to be customer testimonials presented on the website.
  • DeltaZorb is a major ingredient only found in Symmetry supplements, which may not be suitable for some users.
  • The herbal extracts incorporated into this key ingredient are not listed out on the website.
  • Some users may find that they’re allergic to DeltaZorb.
  • Free trial samples of Symmetry products containing DeltaZorb are not offered via the official website.


All in all, the new age ingredient DeltaZorb sounds fairly interesting and useful. It’s always nice to see that some companies are attempting to improve the effectiveness of their products. While DeltaZorb is stated to be made from herbal extracts, these components are not revealed on the website. Furthermore, this may make it difficult for some individuals to determine if they’re allergic to DeltaZorb or not. It’s always smart to consult your physician before taking a new supplement formula, and this should be done prior to taking Symmetry products with DeltaZorb as well.

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