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Deluxe Nutrition is a supplement company selling everything from weight loss aids to joint health supplements. We find the official website easy to navigate with tons of information on the company. There is a free supplement guide and customer service information on the front page. Free delivery is offered on some orders. Under the weight loss tab we find more than 15 supplements the dieter can use to increase weight loss. All of these supplements are standalone ingredients commonly used in other combination supplements. We found no viable weight loss product on the Deluxe Nutrition website.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin and supplement website selling CLA, Caffeine and Hoodia.

Product Features

We love the fact that some supplements companies are not willing to let go of old favorites and fad pills. Caffeine is the best supplement listed on the Deluxe Nutrition website. Caffeine will increase metabolism and there is plenty of clinical research to support this claim, but the supplement from Deluxe Nutrition is available in a 20omg dose. This is more caffeine than the average dieter should take in an entire day, let alone in one serving.

Hoodia, on the other hand, is a scam. The cactus extract has no clinical support. Research shows it does not reduce hunger and it will not promote weight loss. Green tea is another huge product for Deluxe Nutrition. It is available in capsule for with 350 mg per serving. This is the ideal amount of green tea for weight loss.

Deluxe Nutrition is a company in the United Kingdom. Shipping and handling to the UK is free. Shipping outside the UK, if available, comes at a charge.

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  • Deluxe Nutrition offers green tea and caffeine.
  • Supplements are comparably priced with other standalone ingredients.
  • Green tea is proven to boost metabolism.
  • Caffeine will increase metabolism when taken regularly.


  • No mention of healthy diet and exercise.
  • Products may be available only in the UK.
  • Free shipping is for mainland UK only.
  • The company does not offer combination supplements.


Deluxe Nutrition appears to offer quite a number of supplements for overall health, bodybuilding and weight loss. We are not thrilled with the lack of a proven appetite suppressant, but we love the fact that green tea is available. The caffeine is too strong and there is a good chance the supplements from Deluxe Nutrition will not be available in the United States.

Dieters needs more than caffeine and green tea to lose weight. No weight loss product will work if the dieter does not choose to eat right and move more. Deluxe Nutrition does not cover these important aspects of weight loss.

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