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Diet plans that incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy grains, and healthy levels of exercise have been found to help users lose weight and keep it off, while also helping them to move into a healthier life style over the longer term. The Denise Austen Fit Forever program is one such program designed to help users lose weight and keep it off while also encouraging healthy levels of activity and fitness. The Denise Austen program was put together by well known fitness guru Denise Austen, who has a degree in exercise physiology, and a long-term interest in diet and health. The program emphasizes the consumption of fruits, vegetables, fiber and good fats, and encourages users to stay away from high-fat foods, as well as those high in calories and carbohydrates. Users are encouraged to stick to certain portion sizes, and to exercise on a regular basis.

List Of Ingredients

The Denise Austen Fit Forever program encourages the consumption of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and foods that are high in fiber, and discourages the consumption of high-fat and high-calorie foods.

Product Details

The Denise Austen Fit Forever program is an online program that includes a number of diet and meal plans for all users, as well as a health and fitness program. Users complete a fitness profile, and are then given a specialized and personalized diet and fitness plan based on this profile. The program comes with a 7 day free trial, and is then billed at $3 a week for 13 weeks (automatically renewing)

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  • The program encourages healthy eating and exercise, and offers a personalized approach
  • The program does not require additional purchases or subscriptions
  • The program encourages a long-term approach to weight loss


  • Some users may find the diet too restrictive or difficult for their circumstances
  • The program subscription is automatically renewing


Programs that incorporate healthy and sustainable eating plans as well as regular exercise are often effective in helping users lose weight and keep it off. These programs encourage a long-term life-style change that is attainable without resorting to fad-like pills or miracle cures, and are a great way to help users develop a new and healthy lifestyle with ongoing support. The Denise Austen Fit Forever program appears to take a healthy and holistic approach to weight loss and exercise, and if followed properly is likely to result in weight loss and improved fitness levels. The fact that the program is personalized to a particular user’s current health and fitness levels is a good point, as is the fact that users can select from different calorie level and meal plans depending on how quickly they wish to lose weight. In all, this program seems to be a well-rounded approach to weight loss.

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