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Denise Austin is a fitness expert that’s been in the limelight for many years now. She offers numerous fitness DVDs to potentially assist women and men with effective weight reduction. Now she even endorses a piece of equipment called the Denise Austin PowerBelt. This tool basically allows users to get an upper body workout, while attaining lower body cardio at the same time. The goal is to burn away calories and strengthen the body at the same time. The Denise Austin PowerBelt can be acquired online for a retail price of $89.99. There are a few video testimonials provided on the website.

To use the Denise Austin PowerBelt, you must strap on the “padded belt,” and grip each rubber handle, then proceed to walk. Your arms swing or push forward in order to strengthen the upper body with the resistance bands (attached to the hand grips). This process may assist by toning the arms, tightening the abdominal region and working on the waist area. The user can potentially burn up to “70 percent more calories” than with mere walking alone. The Denise Austin PowerBelt is manufactured by the Walker’s Warehouse and is geared toward both women and men.

Product Features

The Denise Austin PowerBelt is a devise that straps around the user’s waist, and weights less than two pounds total. The belt itself has four different levels of resistance, which come in the form of “PowerPaks.” These are attached to the belt to alter the resistance level. Those with waistlines up to 48 inches can utilize the Denise Austin PowerBelt. This product is sold with a 45-day money-back guarantee. Naturally the belt can be used while walking indoors, outside, or even on a treadmill. As claimed on the official website, the Denise Austin PowerBelt is supposed to be more effective than simple hand weights in the sense that users burn more calories with this product. There is a contact email address posted on the official website. Although a healthy diet is not discussed, it would likely benefit those that use this product.

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  • There is a 45-day money-back guarantee offered with the Denise Austin PowerBelt.
  • Some studies have shown that this device allows users to burn more calories than walking alone.
  • It’s endorsed by the well known fitness expert Denise Austin.


  • The Denise Austin PowerBelt sells for $89.99, which may be more than some dieters wish to pay.
  • There are no convenient fat burning supplements offered with this product.
  • The three extra PowerPaks that go with the Denise Austin PowerBelt appear to be sold separately.
  • A healthy meal plan is not discussed on the official website.
  • Some individuals may perceive the Denise Austin PowerBelt as gimmicky.


When it comes down to it, the Denise Austin PowerBelt is certainly one of many fitness devices offered today to potentially assist with weight loss and getting in shape. Although this product is endorsed by Denise Austin and may aid with calorie burning, it seems a bit pricey in comparison to some simple free weights that can be toted around while walking. Be sure to fully examine the official website before purchasing a Denise Austin PowerBelt.

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  • 1

    I love my Power belt but need a new one after many years of use. Where can I buy one?


  • 2
    marina crnkovic slusar

    where can i purchase the denise austin powerbelt (including the 3 and 4 pack). been loking everywhere and can’t seem to find


  • 3
    SA Calteux

    Just wondering where I can buy/order the PowerBelt? I used it before at an APE class at school and really like it…
    Just want to order one for my home use.


  • 4
    audrey shulman

    where can i purchase the powerbelt