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Dermalin, otherwise known as Dermalin-APg, is a topical lotion that is directed to be vigorously rubbed into certain areas to release stored fat. Dermalin claims it can remove fatty deposits wherever you apply it, such as problem areas like the stomach or thigh. The fatty tissue is removed just by rubbing in Dermalin’s exclusive formulated lotion. Although weight loss gels are a source of constant controversy, some consumers say Dermalin really does work. It is not specified how — or why — these ingredients work to remove fat where it is applied, and Dermalin has not backed up its claims with real evidence and scientific proof. Nevertheless, the manufacturers claim Dermalin really does safely remove fat without exercise or a change in diet. Dermalin is essentially a spot-reducing gel, not an actual weight loss supplement, so no change in current diet plans is necessary, making this very convenient and easy to use.

List of Ingredients

Not listed on official site: Lecithin, Octyl Palmitate, Water, Aminophylline, Isopropylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Fragrance.

Product Features

Dermalin is billed as a miracle cure-all for those looking for a quick fix, although it does not actually make you lose weight. This product is a great choice for those looking for simple spot reduction, such as the thighs or stomach. It also helps remove stubborn cellulite from problematic areas. You supposedly do not need to do anything extra while using Dermalin, unlike other weight loss supplements — just simply rub in vigorously for 45 seconds and let Dermalin do the rest. The “specialized gel” is claimed to penetrate into your skin and into underlying fatty tissue, breaking it up and removing it completely from your body. Although there are no clinical studies that show Dermalin works, many of its customer testimonials on the official website say Dermalin helped them within weeks. Dermalin also does not say why its ingredients work to remove fat. These ingredients are not typical diet supplement ingredients and how they work is not addressed.

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  • Dermalin is available for purchase all over the Internet.
  • You do not need to do anything special while using this — simply eat normally and apply the lotion daily.
  • It specifically targets the fatty tissue where it is applied.


  • Dermalin never explains why its ingredients help in removing fatty tissue, and no one else seems to know either.
  • Because the ingredients are unknown, these ingredients might be unsafe for some users.
  • It does not actually make you lose weight, making this inconvenient for those who want to lose more than 20lbs.
  • Because it is only a spot-reducing lotion, it won’t offer the benefits that many oral supplements do, such as appetite suppression and increased energy.
  • Although some customers have left positive feedback, Dermalin is not clinically proven to work.
  • Dermalin does not come with a 100% money-back guarantee — proceed with caution when purchasing this.
  • Product seemst to contain parabens, which are a common preservative found in topical skin treatments, and which have been linked to skin irritation in sensitive users.


Overall, Dermalin is a simple spot-reducing cream not ideal for those who want to lose actual weight. Although some customers claim that Dermalin helps remove fat, these results have not been proven through clinical research. Dermalin is only designed for those looking for help with a problematic area, not for those looking for an effective weight loss supplement. People looking for a weight loss supplement should skip this cream and look for a more viable solution.

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3 User Reviews about Dermalin

  • 1
    Martha Webb

    Where can I purchase Dermalin-APG (Epidril Gel)?


  • 2
    Ms. B.

    I used Dermalin-APg gel when I was a bodybuilder many years ago. I just loved it!!! This stuff really works, I don’t know how or why it works the way that it does, it just does. Have been looking to buy this for sometime but could not find it anywhere. Glad to see that it’s back!! Finally, something from the old days that has made a come back and really works!!!


  • 3

    How do I get the dermalin-APg gel,and how much will it cost my in Naira that is Nigeria currency.