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DermaWave offers one of the more contemporary approaches to cellulite reduction. Basically this company endeavors to assist men and women with skin repair, antiaging and improving overall radiance. Some of the procedures addressed on the official website are chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, IPL, body recontouring, plastic surgery and Microdermabrasion. One piece of technology offered by DermaWave is the No-Needle Mesotherapy System, which is currently utilized in day spas, dermatology clinics and aesthetic spas around the world. This tool is used by a medical professional and is claimed to offer some of the best technology available.

To focus more specifically on DermaWave No-Needle Mesotherapy, this is basically a treatment process that addresses cellulite. The official website describes the treatment as “very successful.” In general, cellulite treatments consist of “a series of needle injections.” The DermaWave website calls these types of treatments painful and a common cause of bruising. On the other hand, the No-Needle Mesotherapy (also called Aquaphoresis) approach offers a laser treatment that delivers “pulses of electric energy into the skin.” This in turn breaks down the fatty tissue and leads to smoother and tauter contours. Some of the ways this process leads to cellulite reduction is through lymph drainage, microcirculation, and improved blood flow. The official website also states that the professional that treats you with this DermaWave approach may offer topical treatments to assist with cellulite as well.

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DermaWave offers new-age treatments like No-Needle Mesotherapy or Aquaphoresis to address cellulite on the hips, buttocks and thigh areas. While these treatment sessions last around 30 minutes each, most users need to complete at least 8-10 sessions in order to see significant results. This DermaWave procedure is flexible, and is commonly adjusted to suit different clients with their cellulite. There are before and after photos offered on the official website to give women an idea of what to expect from No-Needle Mesotherapy. Unfortunately the cost of these treatments is not revealed on the website, and may vary from professional to professional.

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  • DermaWave offers an approach to cellulite reduction that doesn’t involve a series of needle injections, which some women may prefer.
  • There are several before and after photos presented on the official website.


  • DermaWave No-Needle Mesotherapy may not be a permanent solution for cellulite, but rather a temporary treatment.
  • The cost of this anti-cellulite treatment process may be rather expensive.
  • Anyone that chooses DermaWave No-Needle Mesotherapy will likely have to undergo 8-10 sessions.
  • This is a fairly new approach to cellulite reduction, which may raise a few eyebrows.


When it comes to cosmetic afflictions like cellulite, it’s important to remember that so many women want so badly to get rid of it. Naturally more modern approaches to cellulite reduction, such as DermaWave No-Needle Mesotherapy should be explored. However, you should also keep in mind that this kind of professional process is going to cost more than a mere supplement. Lastly, the DermaWave procedures take a number of weeks, since 8-10 different sessions are required for significant results to be seen.

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    Elvira Curcio

    is Dermawave FDA approved?


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    Marvelis Rodriguez

    Is it good to treat for capsular contraction after a breast augmentation?