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In the massive market of fat reduction and weight loss, it appears that the majority of oral supplements and topical treatments are geared primarily toward women. This could essentially be due to the pressure and focus put on women to be thin. However, there are some products out there specifically for men. Take Dermazide for instance. This is described as a “weight loss gel” that’s applied topically. It sells on websites like for a retail price of $109. There are some reviews for Dermazide gel posted by customers and found online.

Along the lines of so many other weight reduction products out there today, Dermazide gel is stated to contain “only natural active ingredients.” Although none of these components are revealed, the product is claimed to be free of Aminophylline. Basically this topical gel aims to work by penetrating the user’s skin/fat cells on the chest and abdominal areas. A patented “liposome delivery system” is incorporated into Dermazide gel, and is supposed to aid with delivering the active ingredients more effectively. Not only is this product claimed to boost the metabolism of fat cells, but it may also hydrate the skin and improve overall texture and smoothness. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s any kind of refund option available with Dermazide gel.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Dermazide is a topical gel that’s geared toward men specifically. This product is directed to be applied to the stomach and chest area daily in order to minimize fat cells and improve the overall contours of the user’s body. It utilizes a liposome delivery system, along with all natural active ingredients to increase metabolic rates and soften the user’s skin. While there doesn’t appear to be an actual official website for Dermazide gel, the topical treatment is sold through common websites like It doesn’t look like any clinical data if offered to support the claims made about this fat reduction product. No free trial samples are available at this time.

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  • Dermazide comes in a simple and easy-to-apply topical gel form.
  • There are some consumer reviews posted on websites like to give folks an idea of what this product does and how well it works.


  • There doesn’t appear to be any kind of solid refund guarantee provided with Dermazide gel.
  • This fat reduction treatment sells for a whopping retail cost of $109.
  • There are no clinical trials presented to support the claims made about Dermazide gel.
  • Unlike many other weight loss products out there today, this one is geared only toward men.


Dermazide certainly comes across in a rather interesting and unique manner. After all, there do not seem to be a lot of fat reduction topical treatments out there; especially not for men specifically. While it’s nice to hear that this gel contains all-natural active ingredients, it’s unknown what they actually are. It is likely that one is caffeine, but this is not revealed. Try to keep in mind that Dermazide gel does cost $109 per bottle, which may get a bit pricey over time.

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