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Editor's Review: 3.3 / 5.0

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DermFX is an aesthetics clinic that was founded eight years ago. The purpose of this company is to provide individuals with beauty treatments. The official website reveals that they offer “over 20 light/laser based systems,” which is claimed to be the most extensive in California (Sunset Beach), where DermFX is located. Although this clinic or spa does offer some skin care products for sale, they additionally offer a number of treatments for the body and face. After reviewing their official website, it’s clear that they specialize in Laser Hair Removal, Fat and Cellulite Treatments, Facial Rejuvenation, Peels, Injectables, Weight Loss, Skin Tags and even Vein Therapy. A price list is provided on the website.

To look more specifically at one aspect of the DermFX clinic, we’ll take a look at the Fat & Cellulite Treatments. There are three discussed on the website. These are Skin Tightening & Alma Accent ($295 for one area), Velashape (cellulite) Circumferential Reduction ($295 per treatment), and Lipodissolve (for fat and cellulite reduction), which is $300 per treatment on one area. Although the site doesn’t appear to go into detail on what each procedure consists of, it’s clear that the primary focus is fat reduction and the minimization of cellulite (fatty deposits that cause a dip-like pattern on certain areas of the body).

Product Features

DermFX is a type of aesthetics clinic that places a focus on skin care and body contouring treatments. Since this facility is located in Sunset Beach, California, it’s obviously geared toward residents of that region. The official website for DermFX basically states that they’re “number one in every aspect of the beauty industry.” They claim to have ample experience with beauty treatments and call themselves one of the original medispas. This aesthetics clinic is open every day of the week, and the hours are posted on the official website, along with contact information.

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  • The DermFX clinic has been around for eight years, which means they do have some experience to offer.
  • All of the services and prices are clearly posted on the official website.
  • There is contact information and hours of operation clearly posted on the website.


  • The prices for DermFX beauty treatments may be a little too high for some individuals.
  • This clinic is only located in California, which will naturally make it non-accessible for most people.
  • There is not a great deal of information provided on each DermFX procedure and what’s exactly involved.
  • For those that prefer a mere supplement for weight loss, there are simpler and more convenient options.


Overall, the DermFX facility seems quite professional. Naturally many women would prefer to attain certain treatments from a professional facility such as this. Unfortunately the clinic is useless to individuals that live in other states or across the globe. When it comes down to it, DermFX is a facility that really only caters to the locals. Therefore you may want to check out more convenient and less expensive remedies for weight reduction.

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