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Dermosonic is a FDA-approved cellulite-reducing procedure that uses specially-designed massagers to gently vibrate and massage the skin. Dermosonic claims this procedure helps eliminate cellulite by smoothing the fat underneath puckered skin, and if continued for longer sessions, will eliminate inches from the body. This approach to cellulite removal is popular in Europe, and is usually implemented in certified spas by qualified technicians.

Unlike other cellulite treatments, Dermosonic does not use any suction or vacuum techniques, which are usually considered dangerous. Dermosonic is usually done in one hour treatment sessions and continued for 8 to 12 sessions, depending on how much fat removal is needed. Dermosonic is currently available in spas and wellness clinics in the California area, where patients must undergo consultations before beginning the process. Dermosonic is considered by many to be “the next big thing” in cellulite reduction, and Dermosonic’s raving testimonials are only one of the reasons why it is so popular.


Dermosonic is a procedure that contains no ingredients.

Product Features

Dermosonic combines two FDA-approved fat-reducing techniques; ultrasound reduction and non-invasive subdermal therapy to treat the affected areas. Since these are FDA-approved procedures, these have been medically proven to work and treat fatty areas. The ultrasound technique is first applied to increase the breakdown of stubborn tissue (the cause of cellulite) and prepares the skin for the subdermal therapy technique. Usually called N.I.S.T., vibrating mechanisms are applied to the region to stimulate circulation and tighten the surrounding skin. Clinical results show that 1cm of fat is reduced per session, equaling up to 6cm in 12 sessions. It will only temporarily decrease the fatty tissue where it is applied, however, and will not cause any noticeable weight loss. This is mainly meant as a cellulite-reducing technique – people who want to lose weight are encouraged to eat a well-balanced diet in order to see actual weight loss.

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  • Clinical trials show 1cm. of fat is reduced in a single session.
  • Dermosonic uses two FDA-approved procedures.
  • Dermosonic also doubles as a massage session.


  • It only temporarily decreases fatty tissue where it is applied.
  • You need to attend up to 12 Dermosonic session to see noticeable results.
  • It will not cause any weight loss.
  • If continued for 12 session, the price easily adds up.


Dermosonic uses two of the most effective fat-reducing treatments in the United States, but the price and time might be an issue for some people. It will only temporarily decrease fatty tissue where it is applied, so participants will need to schedule more sessions to continually keep off additional inches. Also, since it specifically targets cellulites, Dermosonic may not be the weight loss solution for everyone. People looking for permanent fat reduction are advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise instead. Otherwise, Dermosonic is currently one of the most effective treatments available – the only disappointing feature is the cost.

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    Cindy cosby

    Do you have a dermosonic treatment center here in Philadelphia pa?


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    We now have the ONLY Dermosonic in Baton Rouge, La. The results are amazing on legs, stomachs and arms. Call for an appointment. Dr. Vick’s LA Medical Spa


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    what kind of licence do you need to perform the dermosonic treatments on clints


  • 4

    This statement from the above “Since these are FDA-approved procedures, these have been medically proven to work” is a lie. Dermosonic has been cleared by the FDA, not approved. This simply means it can be sold, not that it is effective. In fact, the macine has been pulled by the FDA because of claims like this.


  • 5
    Beatriz Hailey

    where can I find a center that has the dermasonic system in Baton Rouge, La?



    broussard La. At Body Scupltors


  • 6
    Londa Malloy

    Where do I find a doctor for treatment in the Roswell, GA; zip code: 30075 area?



    Try WISE Medical Center in Alpharetta. They have a machine


  • 7

    Where do I find a doctor for treatment in the philadelphia area, pa?