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Desert Trim is one of the countless weight loss pills gracing the diet market today. This oral supplement doesn’t appear to have an official website at this time, but seems to be suitable for both women and men alike. Similar to countless other diet pills out there, Desert Trim doesn’t require a prescription from your doctor. It’s taken daily with water in order to potentially suppress the user’s appetite. Also touted as the “miracle diet,” this supplement may result in pounds of fat lost due to fewer calories ingested daily.

Along the lines of so many other weight loss products offered these days, Desert Trim incorporates the primary ingredient called Hoodia Gordonii. This is an extract of a South African cactus plant and it aims to assist with appetite suppression. Ideally when the user has less of an appetite, they will consume less food. One key aspect of Hoodia is the active molecule it offers known as P-57. This is claimed to send signals from the stomach to the brain which let the brain know that no food is required. A single bottle of Desert Trim, which contains 60 capsules, can be acquired for $49 online. There are no consumer testimonials offered for this diet pill.


Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Desert Trim is a supplement formula marketed toward women and men that desire assistance with weight loss. While some other pills and capsules aim to burn off calories and boost thermogenesis, Desert Trim supplements are simply supposed to curb the user’s hunger, which can lead to less calories consumed daily. There is no real clinical information provided to support the overall effectiveness of Desert Trim, nor is there a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee pitched with this product. Apparently a free trial sample of Desert Trim was offered in the past.

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  • Desert Trim pills are available conveniently online.
  • This weight reduction supplement aims to suppress the user’s appetite with an all natural ingredient.


  • There are no testimonials or success stories to support the claims made about this supplement.
  • Some of the ingredients found in Desert Trim may not be suitable for some users (may cause an allergic reaction).
  • There is no significant clinical data presented to support this weight reduction pill.
  • Unfortunately Desert Trim supplements are not sold online with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • A full list of ingredients is not provided online for this diet pill.


When it comes down to it, Desert Trim is one of many weight loss pills available with Hoodia Gordonii as a main ingredient. As stated on most of these websites, Hoodia aims to suppress appetite, however, it does not work effectively in all users. Furthermore, Desert Trim doesn’t endeavor to improve thermogenesis, nor is it claimed to help with fat burning or the burning of calories. Be sure to investigate the weight loss supplement market thoroughly before trying any diet pills like Desert Trim. Also, you should consult a physician to learn more about the ingredients.

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