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Designer Supplements is a company founded by Matthew Cahill that manufactures fitness and performance supplements. The company’s website is no longer available online, so the information used in this article was gathered second-hand from other websites. Designer Supplements’ products include fat-burning, muscle-building and energy-increasing supplements. Designer Supplements’ products are only available from other online and offline retailers.


Since the official website is no longer online, there is very little information available about this company besides its marketing information. Designer Supplements claims to support “diligent research and design” that produces innovative products. There are no satisfaction guarantees, refund offers or free samples available for any of its products.

Product Features

Designer Supplements’ most popular products are Lean Xtreme (cortisol control), Glucophase XR (insulin control), Melting Point (fat-burning), Rebound XT (muscle-building, ActivaTe (muscle-building) and XCEED (muscle-building). These products may only be purchased from other online and offline retailers. Several of Designer Supplements’ products should not be taken by women, as they are intended to increase levels of testosterone. There is no comprehensive list of ingredients included for any of these products, so customers should carefully research all ingredients and consult their doctors before using Designer Supplements’ products. Boosting testosterone levels in men can have the unwanted side effects including liver damage, cancer, decreased sperm production, acne, male pattern baldness, shrinking of testicles and more. Women who take testosterone-boosting supplements could develop hoarseness, male-pattern baldness, deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth and menstrual irregularities.


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  • Designer Supplements’s products are readily available from other online and offline retailers.



  • There is no official website for Designer Supplements.
  • Designer Supplements only offers refunds on unopened products and does not offer free samples, so customers cannot find out if the products are effective without purchasing them.
  • Customer testimonials are not available online for these products.
  • It is not clear if these products are any more effective than other leading fitness supplements available online.
  • There are many serious side effects of increased testosterone for both men and women.


Designer Supplements is a fitness and muscle supplement company founded by Matthew Cahill with a website that is no longer available online. There are no refunds, customer testimonials or free samples associated with this company or its products. Overall, Designer Supplements still has its products sold by several websites, however the lack of an official website, no comprehensive list of ingredients and no satisfaction guarantee make this company and its products seem to be more risky than many other leading fitness supplement makers.

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