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Designer Whey is a trademarked whey protein supplement produced by NEXT Proteins, Inc., a company founded in 1988 by Olympic 400-meter silver medalist David Jenkins and based in Carlsbad, California. The company’s website itself is clean-looking and well-designed. Designer Whey’s products include whey powder in several flavors, Designer Protein Water, The Biggest Loser Protein and Aria Women’s Protein. Designer Whey has a partnership with the television show The Biggest Loser on NBC and it has been featured on the show as a way to help with weight loss.


Designer Whey was founded by Dan Duchaine and David Jenkins in 1993. Duchaine was a well-known steroid expert, and Jenkins had already served prison time for trafficking illegal steroids into the US from his production plant in Mexico. The company now has several lines of products aimed at different markets: bodybuilders, athletes, dieters and women. There are no positive customer testimonials on the website. Designer Whey does not offer any satisfaction guarantees with its products, refund offers or free sample offers.

Product Features

Designer Whey’s protein powder includes 100% Whey Protein in natural, chocolate, choco-caramel and peanut, strawberry, vanilla praline and double chocolate. Quick Easy Weight Control is available in chocolate or French vanilla. Protein 2Go is available in pomegranate, orange mango flavor. Aria Women’s Protein is in chocolate and vanilla. The Biggest Loser Protein is available in chocolate, vanilla, blueberry and raspberry flavors.


In addition to featuring its products, Designer Whey’s website also has links to its Facebook Twitter and YouTube pages, a blog, information about the company.


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  • Designer Whey’s products are readily available from its company website and from other online and offline retailers.
  • Customer testimonials are available on the website.



  • Designer Whey does not offer any satisfaction guarantees with its products or free samples.
  • There are no comprehensive ingredient lists given for these products.
  • It is not clear if these products are any more effective than other leading skincare products available online.


Designer Whey is a line of whey protein products developed by NEXT Protein, Inc. a company based in Carlsbad, California. Designer Whey has a partnership with the television show The Biggest Loser, and has been featured on the show as a way to help promote weight loss. The website itself is attractive and easy to use, however there is little information about the products or the company. When researched, NEXT Proteins Inc. turns out to be founded by David Jenkins, a former Olympic silver medalist, admitted steroid user and convicted steroid trafficker. Overall, this company offers several different brands of its products to appeal to different groups of consumers, however its lack of satisfaction guarantees or refunds combined with the shady past of its founder makes these products seem more risky than other similar whey protein supplements on the market.

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4 User Reviews about Designer Whey

  • 1

    back at ya


  • 2
    david jenkins

    fyi David Jenkins sold Designer Whey company etc in April 2011. He no longer is employed there nor has any ownership in this business.

    Contact Designer Whey for more info.


  • 3

    where do I find your diet program that was offered for free on your 30 gram protien drinks ?


  • 4
    Robert Schuh

    Your comments that because David Jenkins took and sold steroids before they were illegal makes his company “shady” is basically libel. Dan Duchaine was a genius and discovered whey protein in 1990 LONG before anyone else even knew what it was. Designer Whey has every ingredient listed on each bottle and has stood the test of time. Your comments are both ill informed and Sophomoric.