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Designing Health is a company founded in 1994 by Dr. Robert Collett, a veterinarian in Los Angeles, that is based in Valencia, California. Designing Health has two product lines, MegaFlax, health supplements for people, and The Missing Link, health supplements for animals. Designing Health’s products are available from the official website or from other online and offline retailers.


Designing Health claims to help provide what our bodies need to be healthy despite having unhealthy diets with processed and preserved foods. There are two different websites for MegaFlax and The Missing Link, but they are both well-organized and provide interesting articles and useful information on human and animal nutrition.

Product Features

MegaFlax is a health supplement powder that contains flax seeds. Flax seeds are known to provide fiber, which can lower cholesterol and improve digestive health. Flax seeds also contain healthy omega fatty acids. Omega-3 Basic – Master Nutrient Formula is a supplement powder that contains flax seeds and many other ingredients that are beneficial to human health, such as vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Omega-3 Basic – Joint Support Formula contains ingredients known to support healthy joints.

The Missing Link is a health supplement product line for dogs, cats, birds and horses. The Missing Link products are powders that can be added to a pet’s food to help promote healthy skin and coat, sustained energy levels, a healthy digestive system and normal weight.


In addition to featuring its products, Designing Health’s website also executive profiles, related health articles and information about the charity work done by The Missing Link. The Missing Link provides nutritional supplements for homeless dogs in 2,000 animal shelters under its Best Friend program, where customers can sponsor a homeless pet by paying for the nutritional supplements.


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  • Designing Health’s products are readily available from its company website and from other online and offline retailers.
  • Customer testimonials are available on the website.



  • Designing Health does not offer any satisfaction guarantees with its products or free samples.
  • It is not clear if these products are any more effective than other leading health supplement products available online.


Designing Health is a company based in Valencia, California that manufactures health supplement powder for humans and animals under the brand names MegaFlax and The Missing Link. The website itself is attractive and easy to use, however there is plenty of information about the company and its founder, Dr. Robert Collett. The Missing Link website also has many funny videos of animals and fun resources for pet lovers. Overall, this company offers twodifferent brands of its products to appeal to different groups of consumers, however its lack of satisfaction guarantees or refunds does not instill a lot of trust in this company’s products.

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    Nate Armstrong

    Designing Health offers an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. Companies have to be careful with offering free samples on the internet. Websites like price grabber send spiders over the internet to find these offers and instantly notify thousands of subscribers of the offer. Designing Health had 247,000 request for free samples in 24 hrs…obviously that was impossible.


  • 2
    Michael Frey

    We WERE a retailer for Missing Link. On our last order the company sent us product that had half the normal shelf life and was already pre-priced at a discount price barely above our cost. We called to return it but were told that we should try to sell it and return whatever was left when it expired. When we tried to do that they wouldn’t take it back and then tried to get us to order more. Very poor business ethics in my opinion.


    Nate Armstrong

    Michael you received a 20% discount on the promotion then wanted full credit for the expired product. We offer full credit for six months from purchase date this was far beyond that but we still offered to give you credit on your next order but you didn’t want to continue carrying ML. Try to get that kind of return policy at Best Buy or anywhere else. DHI