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Designs for Health Chromium Synergy is sold as a blood control supplement. The ingredient list is chosen to support healthy blood glucose and insulin levels, but there is a secondary effect on appetite. When the body digests food, blood glucose levels rise and then fall. In some cases, blood glucose will fall below normal. The brain thinks the body is in need of energy so it signals hunger. The dieter feels the need to eat simple carbohydrates to supply quick energy. Designs for Health Chromium Synergy may prevent that steep drop and resulting hunger.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin D, Zinc, Manganese, Chromium, Taurine, Cinnamon and Vanadium.

Product Features

According to Designs for Health Chromium Synergy, all ingredients in the formula are included to help control insulin and blood glucose levels. Though chromium is commonly used to aid in natural diabetes maintenance, it is also used to control appetite. Many weight loss supplements use chromium as the main appetite suppressant because there are clinical studies supporting the effect of blood glucose control on appetite.

Appetite control is only one aspect of weight loss. Dieters also need to eat right and exercise regularly to lose weight and keep it off. Fat burners typically contain an appetite suppressant and fat burning ingredients. The fat burning ingredients need to be proven. The most effective are green tea and caffeine.

Dieters must be a member of the Designs for Health website to order Designs for Health Chromium Synergy. Log-in information must be requested from ProHealth Solutions, the parent company of Designs for Health.

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  • Contains ingredients to control blood glucose response.
  • May help reduce appetite and food cravings.
  • Contains chromium, a proven ingredient.


  • Dieters must call the parent company behind Designs for Health before ordering.
  • No pricing information is available in the product description.
  • No ingredients to boost metabolism.
  • No clinical trials listed on the official website.
  • No testimonials for weight loss, appetite suppression or blood glucose control.


There are many aspects to weight loss. One of the most important is appetite control. Many diet gurus will suggest dieters control portions and eat less, but they offer no information on how to control appetite. There is a direct connection between blood glucose response and appetite. If the dieter suffers from metabolic disorder or frequent cravings, this supplement could help control those cravings at the source. Unlike other appetite suppressants, chromium will not blow up in the stomach or cause negative side effects. Older dieters may find chromium is particularly helpful as chromium levels decrease with age.

Complimentary supplements could include green tea and caffeine. Before taking caffeine it is best to ask a physician about the potential side effects of caffeine.

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