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Detecto is a health care product company that builds weight scales for doctors and medical professionals. The scales measure body weight and body fat, among other helpful measurements that can help the dieter track weight loss and overall dieting success. The average person will not own a Detecto weight scale, but they may come in contact with a scale from the Detecto company in a weight loss clinic, doctor’s office or hospital.

Many dieters feel there is a discrepancy between home weight scales and the scales located in the doctor’s office. For the sake of weight loss if you are under a doctor’s care for this purpose, you should use the scale measurements in office. Home weight scales are no calibrated with the detail and regulations that professional scales must use.

List of Ingredients

  • Medical weight scales, body fat analysis machines and in-bed scales.

Product Features

The world of weight loss is much larger than the average dieter realizes. People from all over the world seek out medical help to lose weight every day. Detecto is a name brand medical grade weight scale commonly found in doctor’s offices, medical clinics and hospitals. The scales available from the company can measure weight upon standing, sitting and even laying in bed. There are scales that measure total body fat as well.

Detecto weight scales that measure body fat come in standing and portable units. Some units can be fitted with printers to physically track BMI and weight. These printers are purchased separately from the weight scales.

In terms of home weight measurement, Detecto can be purchased by anyone with the money to buy the scale, but there are no prices listed on the website. You must contact the Detecto company for a price quote on the scale and optional printer. If you want to purchase more than one scale, there could be a discount. If the scales are being purchased for a gym, weight management clinic or doctor’s office, the price of the purchase may be tax deductible.

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  • Detecto scales are made for use in doctor’s offices and hospitals.
  • The scales must meet the highest quality standards.
  • The company was started in the 1900s and still calls the same small town home.


  • Most dieters are not willing to pay the premium, price for a Detecto scale.
  • None of the prices are listed on the Detecto website.
  • The scale may read a different weight than your home scale.


For the sake of weight loss, dieters must find a scale they like and stick with that scale. Changing scales can mean a different weight measurement as some scales are more sensitive than others. In terms of high-quality scales, Detecto is the company that sells weight scales to hospitals so the quality is the highest you will find, but the price will also be much higher than a scale you’ll find at the local retail store.

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