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Detour is product line of protein bars owned by Forward Foods, LLC founded in 2006 by private equity investor Emigrant Capital Corp., that was purchased as a protein bar business from NEXT Proteins, Inc. Detour’s two main product lines are protein bars and activity bars. Detour’s products are available from the official website or from other online and offline retailers.


Detour claims to offer snack bars that can help increase energy and provide nutrition with low sugar levels and high protein content. Detour’s snack bars contain whey protein, microlactin, rhodiola, lemon balm and other ingredients. Forward Foods LLC declared bankruptcy in 2009 following a recall of peanuts in their bars.

Product Features

Detour’s snack bars are aimed at different types of consumers including dieters, athletes and bodybuilders. The original Detour bar is a whey-protein, Snickers-like candy bar with peanuts, caramel chocolate. The Lean Muscle Detour bar comes in cookie-dough caramel flavor and contains extra vitamins and minerals, as well as flax seeds and less sugar. The Lower Sugar bar comes in chocolate chip caramel flavor, and the Oatmeal bar comes in peanut butter chocolate chip. Detours Activity bars include snack bars specially formulated for runners, bikers and yoga practitioners.

In addition to featuring its products, Detour’s website also has some company information and lists the stores that sell its products.


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  • Detour’s products are readily available from its company website and from other online and offline retailers.
  • Detour’s products come in a wide range of flavors and formulas for different types of consumers.



  • Detour does not offer any satisfaction guarantees with its products or free samples.
  • There are no customer testimonials on the Detour website.
  • It is not clear if these products are any more effective than other leading health supplement products available online.


Detour is a line of whey protein snack bars that are specially formulated for muscle-building and providing energy. The website itself is attractive and easy to use, and there is some information about the brand name and its owning company, Forward Foods LLC. Overall, this company offers two different brands of its products to appeal to different groups of consumers, however its lack of satisfaction guarantees or refunds does not instill trust in this company’s products.

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