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A Detox Bath is the common term used for taking a hot bath in water that contains dissolved ingredients that are intended to help rid the body of unwanted toxins and impurities. Several health supplement manufacturers produce bath products marketed under the name Detox Bath, including Abra Therapeutics Cellular Detox Bath, Wise Ways Detox Bath Crystals and Archipelago Botanicals Detox Bath. There are also several websites like and that provide free instructions on how to make your own Detox Bath. The most common ingredients dissolved in bath water for a Detox Bath are salt (Epsom salts or sea salt), baking soda and ginger.


Detox Baths are thought to be able to help cleanse the body of toxins in several ways. First, any hot bath will cause the body to naturally perspire, which is one of the body’s main way to eliminate toxins. Secondly, salt exfoliates the skin and prevents the bath water from being absorbed by the skin. Baking soda helps the water become more alkaline, which can help to restore a healthy balance in the body if it is too acidic. Ginger will help the body to perspire, and it has several benefits skin, as well as acting as an aromatherapy to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated in the bath.

List of Ingredients

Hot water, salt, baking soda, ginger.

Product Features

A Detox Bath can be created using products that you purchase individually, like bath salts, baking soda and powdered ginger or ginger tea. You can also purchase several products marketed under the term Detox Bath, including Abra Therapeutics Cellular Detox Bath which is $8 for 17 oz, Wise Ways Detox Bath Crystals which is $10 for 16 oz and Archipelago Botanicals Detox Bath which is $30 for 15 oz.

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  • Detox Bath products are readily available from several online and offline retailers.
  • Detox Baths are easy to make yourself using products that are easy to purchase.
  • Detox Baths would definitely cleanse the body of some toxins, since it would encourage your body to perspire.
  • Taking a hot bath may be a more relaxing way to cleanse the body than taking pills, using enemasor other detoxification products that are available.



  • Detox Baths are not scientifically proven to be more effective than other types of detoxification products on the market.
  • Detox Baths may not be safe for people with high blood pressure or heart disease.
  • There are no customer testimonials on Detox Baths.
  • The herbal ingredients have not been proven to be effective at detoxifying or cleansing the body.
  • A Detox Bath requires the use of a bathtub.



Detox Bath is a general term for taking a hot bath that contains ingredients intended to help draw toxins from the body. Detox Baths work in several ways, since any hot bath will encourage one to perspire and naturally eliminate toxins. Also, salts help the body avoiding soaking up too much water from the bath. Baking soda can help restore a healthy acidity to the body, and ginger can help the skin sweat more, soften the skin and provide aromatherapy. Detox Baths should not be taken with people that have high blood pressure or heart disease.

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    I love a good detox bath. The ginger is a great idea. It has so many beneficial properties.


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    A detox bath can be created by including rejuvenating bath products such as essential oils, body oils or even Dead Sea products.

    A detox bath is mainly to relax, revive and refresh completely.