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A Detox Foot Patch is an adhesive pad worn on the bottom of the feet during sleep to help cleanse the body of unwanted toxins. Several health supplement manufacturers in the US and Japan make products marketed under the name Detox Foot Patch, including Verseo, BodyPure, Takara, Chikusaku and Kinoki. Detox Foot Patches can be purchased online and offline from several health supplement retailers.


The main ingredients in most Detox Foot Patches are wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, chitosan and other herbal ingredients. Detox Foot Patches are thought to be able to help cleanse the body of toxins in several ways. The theory behind Detox Foot Patches generally rests on the that the body’s nerve endings are located in the bottom of the feet, thereby allowing access to cleanse your body through the feet. The pads are clean and white when placed on the feet, but are dark brown and smelly when removed in the morning, leading to the conclusion that they have removed many toxins from the body.

Critics of Detox Foot Patches say that the body’s natural cleansing systems can function effectively without the help of these patches, and do not require detoxification aids for optimum effectiveness. Scientific studies have not proven the health benefits of Detox Foot Patches. Furthermore, heavy metals can only be removed from the body by binding them to substances which are removed through chelation therapy. Critics claim the discoloration and odor of used patches can be easily explained by the chemicals contained in the pad mixing with sweat during the night.

List of Ingredients

The main ingredients in most Detox Foot Patches are wood vinegar, bamboo vinegar, tourmaline, chitosan and other ingredients.

Product Features

Several Detox Foot Patches are sold as on many websites and in health supplement stores. Most Detox Foot Patches are recommended to be worn nightly for as long as desired, and they claim to treat disorders, including obesity, arthritis and high cholesterol. Detox Foot Patches cost between $12 and $35 for eight patches, or four nights’ worth of product.

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  • Detox Foot Patches are readily available from several online and offline retailers.
  • Detox Foot Patches are easy to use, and maybe more comfortable and safe than taking detoxifying supplements in pill form or following detox diets.



  • Detox Foot Patches are not scientifically proven to be more effective than other types of detoxification products on the market.



Detox Foot Patches are adhesive pads worn on the feet at bedtime to assist with detoxification. Detox Foot Patches claim to help people feel more energetic, alert, lose weight and help with many medical conditions. The science behind Detox Foot Patches’ effectiveness has not been proven, however, they seem to be a relatively harmless detox product with little or no side effects.

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4 User Reviews about Detox Foot Patch

  • 1

    I tried for one night and it does what it says. I felt almost as good as when I was younger and used to work out…..healthier, brighter and lighter.


  • 2
    juan pablo

    Hola me interesa distribuir el producto foot patch como lo consigo presio por mayoreo en fin toda la informacion para comprar saludos


  • 3
    J. Kroetch

    If this foot patch removes heavy metals, how do you know if it has possibly moved essential metals too? Usually when chelation or heavy metal removal is done, you need to slowly reintroduce the good metals that may have also been removed, but are still essential to good health.


  • 4

    I haven’t tried them yet, but am about to. While I agree that it would be possible to have a chemical in the patch turn dark because of exposure to air, sweat from the feet, etc., that theory would not explain why the color of each patch worn on successive nights would be lighter and lighter until finally there is no change in the coloration. So there must be something more to this, even if it is only drawing impurities out of the feet, as opposed to the entire body.