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Detox RX is a supplement and skin care company that was founded by Lake Louise Ziwa and Dr. Gloria Gilbere. As stated at the top of their official website, this company views themselves as “nature’s prescription.” They currently offer product categories like Body Treatments, Books, Baths, and Supplements. Under the Supplements line, you’ll find products like Natural Immune Support ($39.95), LKL “liver, kidneys, lymph” ($31.95), Eliminaid ($32), and Colon Sweep ($44.95). All of these supplements are geared toward internal cleansing and overall wellness.

One supplement kit that can be found under the Body Treatments link on the Detox RX website is the Basic Body Purifying System. This kit includes four different products, which are the Seaweed Detox Bath, Colon Sweep, Eliminaid and LKL. It sells for $145, and is claimed to help users by stimulating blood circulation, detoxifying the digestive tract, softening stool, and assisting with weight reduction. Some of the key active ingredients incorporated into this Detox RX system are Synergistic Herbs, Flax Flour (soluble fiber), Arabinogalactan (provided good bacteria), Psyllium Husk Powder (fiber), Bladderwrack, Organic Sea Kelp, Botanicals, and Volcanic Mineral Clay. Consumer testimonials are not provided, nor are any free trial samples of Detox RX products.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

The primary product sold by Detox RX is probably the Basic Body Purifying System. This appears to be their premier supplement kit, and it’s claimed to cleanse the user’s internal system. While one item in this kit is a bath product, two are caplets, and one is a liquid. Unfortunately the website doesn’t discuss how the products are used together, or how long they’re supposed to be used for. As with many other detoxification supplements, the Detox RX Basic Body Purifying System aims to stimulate blood circulation, detoxify the digestive tract, soften the user’s stool, and assist with overall weight reduction. Whether or not this system comes with a money-back guarantee is not mentioned.

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  • Detox RX products can be easily acquired without a prescription and may assist with weight loss.
  • The key ingredients for these treatments are provided on the official website.


  • There is no clinical research posted to support the claims made about Detox RX supplements.
  • A single Basic Body Purifying System sells for $145, which may be a tad too pricey for some individuals.
  • There are no success stories or before and after photos presented on the official website.
  • There do not appear to be any appetite suppressing or fat burning ingredients found in the Basic Body Purifying System to assist with weight loss.


Overall, the Basic Body Purifying System from Detox RX is pitched more like an internal cleansing kit, rather than a weight loss formula. While it may sound beneficial to some to have their digestive tract cleansed, it’s unclear how this will lead to real fat reduction or long-term weight loss. It would be reassuring if some testimonials were provided on the official website for review.

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