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In recent years, emphasis has been placed on “detoxification”, the process of helping the body to remove harmful toxins and byproducts that build up in our bodies as a result of a poor diet and poor lifestyle. Detoxification diets are often claimed to be purifying, and usually encourage users to undergo a strict and short-term diet involving the consumption of herbs, liquids, and so forth to help the body in flushing out these so-called “harmful” toxins. However, many health professionals have pointed out that the body is perfectly capable of detoxing itself, and that such approaches are unnecessary and do not help with weight loss or health promotion.

List Of Ingredients

Detoxification diets vary in their ingredients, but frequently include vitamins, herbs, fluids, and high fiber foods, and discourage the consumption of anything containing chemicals.

Product Details

Detox diets vary dramatically in their approach, with some containing pills and supplements designed to help kick-start the detox process, some involving the consumption of particular drinks, juices, and other fluids to help “flush” out the system, and others involving fasting or calorie restricted approaches.

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  • Detox diets discourage the consumption of chemicals, preservatives, and other unhealthy foods
  • Detox diets may result in short-term weight loss


  • Detox diets are generally unnecessary and do not promote long-term change
  • Some detox diets are extremely restrictive and require users to fast, which may result in health problems


Detox diets are designed as a way to help break down the chemicals and toxins that build up in our bodies as a result of today’s typically busy and hectic lifestyles. They are designed to help users get back in control of their bodies, and to promote overall health and wellness. However, detox diets are often seen as unnecessary by medical professionals, who argue that our bodies are designed to naturally detox without the assistance of fad diets or supplements. As such, many supplements and programs associated with detox diets are an unnecessary expense that will likely not result in improved long-term outcomes. Detox diets are also not designed to help users lose weight in the long-term, although short-term weight loss due to the loss of fluids is possible. Some users have also found that they have felt more energized and healthy as a result of a detox diet, but this may be attributable to the ingestion of particular vitamins and supplements that may have energy boosting attributes, such as green tea or ginseng. Overall, detox diets, while not necessarily harmful, are not necessary, and are unlikely to help promote weight loss in any meaningful way. Users looking to lose weight would be better off seeking out a program that encourages a long-term and sustainable approach to diet and exercise.

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