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Detoxify is a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona that manufactures and sells detoxification health supplement products. Detoxify has three main product lines, drinks, herbal capsules and concentrated liquids. Detoxify’s products are available from the official website or from other online and offline retailers.


Detoxify’s first product was the Ready Clean detox drink. Detoxify’s products are claimed to be able to help cleanse the body of toxins. The theory behind detoxification health supplements generally rests on the belief that the body’s natural detoxification systems (like liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal system, skin and lymphatic system) can get overloaded with toxins from food additives, pollution and unhealthy lifestyles. Detoxification products aim to assist the body’s natural cleansing systems by limiting the amount of toxins that one consumes, allowing those systems to better cleanse the body.

Critics of detoxification products say that the body’s natural cleansing systems can function effectively without the help of these diets, and do not require periodic fasting or detoxification for optimum effectiveness. Scientific studies have not proven the health benefits of detoxification products, and they are usually not sustainable for long-term use. Furthermore, several detoxification products will cause severe weight loss due to water loss and a laxative effect, not through fat loss, which means the weight will be re-gained after the diet.

Product Features

Detoxify’s products for regular toxicity include Ready Clean – Tropical Fruit Flavor for $35 for 16 oz, Ready Clean for Women for $35 for 16 oz, and Fast & Clean Herbal Cleansing Capsules for $30 for 10 capsules. Products for high toxicity are Green Clean Herbal Concentrate for $60 for 8 oz, XXXTRA Clean – Tropical Fruit Flavor for $50 for 20 oz, and Mega Clean – Tropical Fruit Flavor for $70 for 32 oz. Precleansing products include Precleanse Herbal Supplements for $5 for 6 capsules and Constant Cleanse Herbal Supplements for $20 for one month’s supply.

Detoxify offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of its products. All products returned within 30 days will receive store credit for the same amount. In addition to featuring its products, Detoxify’s website provides little information about its company.


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  • Detoxify’s products are readily available from its company website and from other online and offline retailers.
  • Detoxify offers refunds in the form of store credit for returns made within 30 days of purchase.



  • Customer testimonials are not available on the website.
  • Detoxify does not offer free samples.
  • It is not clear if these products are any more effective than other leading health supplement products available online.



Detoxify is a company based in Scottsdale, Arizona that manufactures health supplement products for detoxification under the name Ready Clean, XXXTRA Clean and Mega Clean. The website itself is basic and easy to use, however there is very little information about the company provided. Overall, this company offers several different brands of its products to appeal to different groups of consumers, including women, however its lack of money-back guarantees does not instill a lot of trust in Detoxify’s products.

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  • 1

    Is the Herbal Cleanse taken how long before the UA? Can you drink the 2x 4oz. bottles a day before the UA and have clean results?


    Adrian (Editor)

    Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the Detoxify’s official website for more information.


  • 2

    Hey, I have been clean now for 72hrs and I have a UA to take in another 4 days, so by the time I take the UA I will have abstained for 7 days. I have bought the Precleanse Herbal capsules as well. I am hoping this will take care of the THC and Nicotine that is in my system. I am 180lbs and 5’6. This is a UA that will be done for pre-employment at a hospital. Will I be okay?


  • 3
    jose Melendez

    Does mega clean really works,guaranteed??


  • 4

    This stuff is a rip off. Does not work for THC at all. Dint buy this product. Save your money


  • 5
    Angry Byrd

    Green Clean by Detoxify does NOT work to assist with beating a urine test. I have tried ALL of the popular products and spent HUNDREDS of my hard earned dollars only to not find a single one that works like described by head shop employees. Abstain and get through your probation or job and you can expect it to work. Otherwise you will be wasting money.


    High Times

    People who say it does not work did not follow the directions correctly. This is no BS i weigh 180 pounds and i am a every day smoker i am on probation for a dui i flunked a urine test for marijuana i tried to pass it buy drinking a lot of water to flush my system my urine looked like water but i still flunked it. I had another test two weeks later i kept on smoking every day two days before the test i quit smoking marijuana and went to a head shop to ask what would work they gave me green clean and told me to follow the directions. So the day before the test i drank about 5 pints of water. The day of the test about two hours before the test i drank a pint of water then i drank the two green clean bottles with a 32 ounce poweraid then i drank a small glass of water while i took three pisses before the test i took the test about two after i drank the green clean. I passed the test with flying colors this test was sent to the lab also. I am writing this to tell people it really does work it is expensive but it is the best 50 bucks i spent so definently buy and follow the directions good luck.


  • 6

    Does constant cleanse herbal work and does it show up in your system


  • 7

    Will Green Clean by Detoxify show up in a drug test?


  • 8

    how long does detoxify fast & clean herbal take to work ? is there a window? if so how long?



    well i did the cleanse for 7days did an u.a test 2 days later and passed not sure on how long it actualy stay in your system though and im 220 if your smaller it must last even longer… want harm u if you continue to take them for that whole month hope this helped a little….


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