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DETOXIN is one of the weight loss supplements made by Katalyst Nutraceuticals. It is designed to help detoxify and cleanse the body to aid in weight loss. Read this review to learn more about the product to determine whether or not you want to use it to help you reach your weight loss goals.

List of Ingredients

DETOXIN contains the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Liver Detox and Support Blend
  • Gallbladder Detox and Support Blend
  • Kidney Detox and Support Blend
  • Colon Cleanse Detox and Support Blend

Product Features

DETOXIN contains several different proprietary blends, each claiming to target one particular area or organ of the body. There is vitamin B6 and ascorbic acid in the formula to promote overall health. The liver detox and support blend is in the formula to help the liver function properly as is the main organ responsible for filtering things out of the body. It works with the gallbladder to filter waste from the body. The kidneys process liquids from the body and assist in the creation of urine to flush the body. The colon processes solids from the body and assists with the creation of stool to remove toxins and waste from the body through bowel movements. Keeping the kidneys and colon healthy mean regular and productive trips to the restroom to keep your body at optimal functioning levels. The formula is designed to help flatten the stomach, relieve temporary bloating, help support the immune system (there are healthy bacteria in the colon necessary for immunity support), and increase energy levels with natural ingredients.

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  • DETOXIN contains all natural ingredients.
  • This product is supported by a money back guarantee.


  • DETOXIN is a detoxifier, which means weight loss results will be minimal and temporary; as you’re not losing fat, but water and other fluid.
  • There are no diet recommendations to support this product.
  • This product does not recommend exercise.
  • There are no customer testimonials on the manufacturer’s website to support this product.


DETOXIN could very well work to support a short detoxifying or fasting diet to remove toxins and waste from your body to jumpstart another weight loss program. It should however, not be used to promote long term weight loss results, as this could be very dangerous. It will not help you burn fat, and it will not suppress your appetite, so weight loss will be very short lived, especially if not combined with a balanced and reduced calorie diet and regular exercise program. We recommend you look for a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement that contains either an appetite suppressant or a fat burner, if not a combination of the two and use this alongside diet and exercise to reach your weight loss goals.

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    How much is it?


  • 2

    What are the side effects


  • 3
    nonye mendu

    can it clear my eyes


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    Your Name

    can detoxin cure ulser?


  • 5

    i love the stuff. i would like to by it online though,,, any thought?


  • 6

    Is this a good product to detox you body from drunk use?


  • 7

    did this product work for anyone? have like ten pounds to lose. Feel bloated uggh…thanks



    I got it for a completely other reason then weightloss as i work out alot and need to GAIN weight lol. It does detox your body pretty well but is not worth the price they are charging for it at all. You can get those ingredients in a cheaper detox product or for the same price a much more powerful one. From me taking it it seemed to help detoxify my body but not like a real detox cleanse. You will lose water weight and gain it right back though.


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